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Good vibes for old Ferdy please . . .

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My poor old FIV ex-stray Ferdy has not been very well for some time. He has had recurrent ear infections due to polyp growths inside his ears. We have been holding off operating because of the risks involved, and we have been keeping his condition under control using steriods and anti-biotics.

However over the past few weeks these have stopped working. Coupled with this, some of the darned polyps are ulcerating. This is causing the poor darling some discomfort.

I have some strong anti-biotics which he is on which we hope will suppress the infections enough to allow an operation to remove these growths - certainly in the one ear that is badly affected.

On Saturday I have to take Ferdy back to the vet where I know he will recommend operating. I think we will have no choice but to take this option - one which I have resisted as I have not wanted to risk his life, but his discomfort is now outweighing the risks I think.

Please spare a good and positive thought for our dear puss - he's such a sweet, gentle cat and I really want him with us for a long time to come.
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Sweet little guy.... I'll be keeping Ferdy in my thoughts.
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Awww... Poor little Ferdy. I'll be thinking about him.
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Oh poor baby... Ferdy is in my thoughts.
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Poor Ferdy! He will definitely be in my thoughts, Yola. Please let us know what the vet says on Saturday. Healthy vibes on the way for Ferdy!!!
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hugs and prayers for Ferdy
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I will pray for Ferdy
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Sending prayers for Ferdy
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Positive thoughts for Ferdy.
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Sending lots of good thoughts and healing vibes for Ferdy. I hope everything works out well.
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Positive and healing vibes to Ferdy!
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I couldn't wait until Saturday, and took Ferds back to the vet this morning. He is scheduled for his op first thing tomorrow morning (Friday). His ear is swollen and a bit is turning black and I'm REALLY worried - the vet didn't argue, she's happy to take him in for the op at the earliest opportunity.

PLEASE send my little black puss all your love!!!

I'll try and download some graphics software and post a pic of him in a moment, so you can all see how sweet he is.
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Here's my fella - taken in the summer with Balie looking on in surprise!!
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Sending little Ferdy love and healing vibes!
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Ferdi is just as gorgeous as ever Yola! Sending tons of love and healthy vibes for the surgery.
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sending ferdy lots of love and care and good vibes for the ops... keep us updated yola!
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Ferdi is gorgeous.

He's in my thoughts. I hope everything goes smoothly. Hugs for you.((()))
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Sending healing thought for your sweet prince from Iowa!!! he is in our thoughts!
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Poor Ferdy! Sending very good vibes your way!
How is he now?
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Sesellja - he's at the vet right now. I hardly slept last night with worry (I have a bad feeling about this sommehow . . .), and I made sure Ferdy was on the bed with us all night and that he got extra snuggles.

I have been asked to call at about 3.30 pm GMT to get a report on the operation, and to see what his progress is.

They did warn me that his face would be quite messed up, as they are going to cut into his ear canal down the side of his face. I'm SO upset for my little boy, and I feel really bad that I made the decision to put him through this. Just thinking about it is making me feel sick with nerves and teary.
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Yola, I will send healing prayers for poor Ferdy!

And his face and ear will heal - I know how awful it would be to make that decision, but it sounds like he really needed the surgery. Hopefully all will go well and the recovery will be speedy.
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But OMG, does he look awful!

Half his head is shaved and he has stitches all down the side of his face - they have effectively crate a new ear opening slightly lower down as removing the upper polyps has caused so much damage.

Also, there was this big black tumour-type-thing on the lower part of his ear - where it joins his head at the base - and this has been cut away. He looks SO strange, sad and damaged. And it's all my fault.

My only consolation is that I did it for his own good - he has to wear a buster collar (plastic lampshade thing) for a week or so, but this is making him mad as he can't eat properly, or wash or scratch at all.

I'll try and post a pic of his tomorrow - he looks a very sad cat indeed. But at least he's back and I'm 400 pounds lighter (money not weight)!!!!
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Yay ! Glad to know he's home and made it through the procedure well!
He will heal up and eventually forgive you for the collar-thingy, just remember it's for his own good.
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Yola, I'm glad Ferdi made it through the surgery OK, even if he does look a mess. You did do it for his wellbeing, and he will be more comfortable once he heals. Loves to Ferdi!!
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