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Cat and sugar glider?

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Does anyone have a cat and sugar gliders? How do they do together?

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I know of someone who does/did, and they co-existed. But she usually kept the glider in a cage outside. (Moot point now: the glider escaped and has not been seen since.)
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i would love to hear if anyone else has had experience with cats and sugar gliders. I'd like to get a pair so bad but i heard they don't do well with cats. Now i was just reading on a different website online that they do. And is showed pics of the sugar gliders sleeping with cats. i'm def going to do some more research but they seem like they would be a cute loyal pet to have.

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I have two kittens and a pair of gliders.. I let the gliders in their hamster ball but im afraid to let them run around w them yet.. The cats havent been the aggressive ones, the gliders have been and even nipped my older kitten on the nose as i was trying to introduce them& their little teeth are sharp!
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But if you know sugar gliders and how long the bonding process takes, im sure its the same for getting them bonded to other pets as it is humans.. As long as they get used to their scent, & get introduced to them for a little bit everyday for about a month they should start getting comfortable w the cats. As for cats, my kittens that i have now are the first ever cats i have owned or even been around, but no matter how comfortable they get with each other i will NEVER leave them to play or nap together unsupervised, cats are predatory animals and sugar gliders resemble their normal prey. But ive seen youtube videos of cats and gliders cuddling and even the cats letting the gliders ride on them.. Im sure it just takes time to bond on both sides!
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