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Things you should accustom your kitten to

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My friends' recently got two kittens (1 calico and 1 b/w kitty). They have it under control (so far) but I wanted to give them some extra pointers. One thing that they haven't considered is getting the kittens used to certain things so that in the future they won't be afraid of them. Here's what I can think of off the top of my head:

bathing them, clipping toenails, handling their mouths (so brushing will be easier in the future), getting them used to scratching posts, massaging them.

Any others that you can think of?

The kittens are 6 weeks old. I haven't seen them yet, but I can't wait to go over and visit them.
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I would add handling their ears, and also getting them used to cat carriers and cars. Exposing them to strangers may be helpful in getting them used to handling by the vet & vet's assistants - I brought kitty treats with me when I took my young cats to the vet so they would think of it as a positive experience, too.

If they're longhaired, might it be good to get them used to the sound of a hair dryer while they're young, too?
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get them used to combing/brushing for grooming
and go ahead and use the double sided tape now for the things you don't want them jumping on, so it's instilled early on

Can somebody help ME learn to clip her nails? She will not let me and I'm frustrated with those long nails.
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Some people like a collar on their cat. That is something they have to adjust to.

It is also a good idea to have the kitties get used to being handled by several people. That will also make it easier for a vet to handle the kitties.

My family has several dogs and I have made a point to try to socialize our younger kittens with at least one or two of our dogs. My one dog may still chase them outside, but she actually gets protective of them in the house around the other dogs (and recently around a guest that my dog didn't know). So, if your friends have other animals, it doesn't hurt to try socializing. (Just supervise the first several times or so.)
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I would say the 3 main things to do from an early age are:

1. brushing/grooming

2. Massaging mouth/gums, then working up to using a toothbrush

3. Massaging and holding on to their paws, then working up to trimming their nails.

4. They may want to get them used to wet food. In the future, they may have to medicate their cat and they will be able to mix or crush most pills into the wet food for the take to eat. It's easier than pilling a cat!

4. Harness/leash training (if they are going to go outside)

They should do the above at small intervals and reward with treats and praise. Then gradually increase the duration of the activity.


LuvReggae, you have to start out with massaging the paws. So if the cat is on your lap take one paw and start massaging until the cat pulls away from you. Do this a couple times a day and reward her. When she will tolerate you holding her paw, then start adding pressure so you reveal the nail. Once she allows you to do this, cut one nail at a time. It may take a couple of days to cut all the nails, but it is easier when she will allow you to do it, rather than fight over it!

Also, it helps to have another person hold the cat while you cut the nails if the above doesn't work out! And remember not to cut the quick of the nail, otherwise she will be in pain and bleed!

Good luck!
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Great suggestions, thanks a bunch. I totally forgot about hair brushing and ear handling.
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I clip my cats nails while they're sleeping
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