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You talking to ME!!! hahahaha

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Blossom doing her Robert DeNiro impersonation.....

"You talking to Me....You talking to MEEEEE"!!! hehehe
:angel4: :martian:
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What adorable pictures! I can never capture pics of my kitties like that. They make funny faces, but won't do it if a camera is out...
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OMG to funny and so cute . Great pics
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LMAO! I love the pics
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Oh, those are just too cute!
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LOL that is funny! You made me laugh, I am having such a bad night, I needed that laugh!
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I LOVE the pics!! Got a good laugh out of them, then came back again for another laugh. What a cutie-pie.
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Those are hillarious! Very cute... good job!
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What's with the crooked jaw? It looks like someone smacked the crap out of her! Funny stuff!
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I always have my camera waiting on hand for as soon as my girls are finished eating...that is when I manage to get the funny faces photos....while they are licking their lips I just keep snapping and always garanteed hilarious pics
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cute those would be great pics for a caption
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GReat shots -- hilarious!
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Yeah...I AM talking to you like that
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I love the pics! They made me LOL!
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I found this one of Nakita that fits this thread. She looks really irritated and may have even hit me with that curved paw if I didn't get that camera out of her face!

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hehehe I found one of Mellisa , not a great one pic . But I think it looks funny
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How about this one lol
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Nakita looks like she is saying, come one, get that thing out of my face or I'll pop ya one in the kisser

Here is Amber...Na na nana na!!
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This is called Nakitatute , but Nakita is a beauty no matter what

AmberTheBobcat I love your pics are great
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Muddy says "Yah, I'm talking to you!"
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lol the expressions on all the kittie's faces are just hilarious....if they could talk you could just imagine them saying the words to match their expressions!

Here is one of Daisey when she was just a baby......

"Yeah Whatever Punk........." :flash:
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Muddy and Daisey are so funny . They both crack me up
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