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We put up a live tree. A friend has a tree farm, and since he already has them cut, I don't feel as guilty as I should.

I love the smell of the live tree, and so do the cats. They were pretty good about not climbing the tree we had last year. When Faile was a kitten, I caught her in the tree a few times though.
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Originally posted by jugen
No tree for me either. I can just see one day coming home and seeing a cat or two hanging entangled in the lights looking pathetic all the while trying to act like they didn't do anything.
But Jugen.. that would make a purrrfect "caption this" photo!!!
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I can agree with the majority.. in saying I really do love the real trees.. but I hate the thought of chopping one down just to display in the house for a couple weeks.. but i will probably end up doing it anyway... I mean.. they do keep planting them year by year.. for this purpose.. my boyfriend is also allergic to trees.. which.. hmm.. i should really compensate to that.. but.. sigh.. what to do. I am making some outdoor wreaths on the weekend with just some bows from the trees which should give me that nice tree smell throughout the house. I just don't have the $$ to buy a tree this time of year! maybe after christmas when they all go on sale. They're just too perfect too. i like my trees to have character! Where there is a gap, fill with a big ornament! I don't know how the gurls are going to react to the tree this year.. LOL should be interesting.. Their cat post is around the same height as a tree... hope they don't get confused and start climbing throughout, eating my ornaments!!!
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Can we rename this thread - as soon as I saw something saying Real or Fake - I had my hopes up about what it may be about,..I had Pamela Anderson on my mind. I was seriously optimistic there!

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With the poll title I thought you were asking about sertain body parts!

We have a fake treee due to allergies and the fact we want to protect the cats from the needles and the water for the tree!
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I thought this was going to be about fur...

But since I came in....

Fake tree. I don't like the thought of a tree being cut down purely for decorating and letting it die after the festive season. I'd rather see trees being planted permanently in rehabilited zones of land.....*sigh*....

I think I've turned into a greenie without realising it.
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No tree here-I have a small apartment and a very nosy cat.

I do get my real tree fix when I go home to visit Dad, however (the trees come from a local farm dedicated to Christmas trees). He's got his ornaments very well organized, so that all the soft and cat-safe ornaments go on the bottom (Dad's cat Pumpkin thinks the tree is her personal playground) while the glass and ceramic ornaments go up high.
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No tree for me. My cats would knock it over. I put a wreath on my door, but most of my decorating is done at work.
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Can't have a tree around here with all the Kitties!!
I used to have a small living Norfolk Pine that I decorated for Christmas, but the Kitties did that in.
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I was raised having a real tree every year . . . so I still prefer a real one!
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FAKE!!! No way would I ever cut down a tree to use just for my enjoyment. I could never do that...I'm too much of a nature lover. Plus fake last forever.
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I have a fake one but I like real ones better. They just look more beautiful to me.
I agree, it is hard to justify cutting down so many trees to use for christmas and then throw away
My tree is in storage, I am supposed to get it out tomorrow! I can't wait!
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