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Who Else? LOTR Three!

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Hi Guys. Anyone else go to the Lord Of The Rings Return Of the Kind Premier???

I was at the parade from 7am in the morning to aboout 6 at night, it was an amazing day and those stars really do look so much better in real life.

Any questions.. I'm happy to answer.

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Wow! Lucky you! It looked like lots of fun on tv! Wish I could have been there...
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Sam, I am sooo jealous!!!!!

Tybalt and I have tickets to the Trilogy Tuesday event on 12/16, when they'll show the three movies back to back. Our showing of Return of the King actually starts at around 11 that night. I can't wait!

Sam, from the scenery in the movies, I am in love with New Zealand and wish I could visit!
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Yeah I saw the big thing going on on tv. Looks really fun. I can't wait to see the third one. Unfortunally they aren't having the 3 movies in a row showing here. I'll be going on the 17th in the evening after my christmas shopping.
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When does the movie play in the theaters ? I got the first 2 dvd and for sure like to see the last one too . My son and I cant wait to see it
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It's released on 12/17 in the US.
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Hubby definitely wants to see this one! I saw a clip of the parade and fanfare in Wellington, looked really cool. Did you take pics, Sam?
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Thanks Sue . Can't wait to see it
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My friends all took pictures and got there autographs, I didn't take a pen & paper so I didn't get any but we were close enough to touch Orlando and the rest of the crew.

Lord Of The Rings- Comes out on the 18th of December here, Cinemas are all booked up for days so I might settle for a week after I can't wait to see it. Movies are all ways better when you recognise places.

It was definitly one of the hottest things happenin in wellington..

Amazing! I hope you guys all like the movie.
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*sigh* Orlando Bloom....... *sigh*
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Sam, I'm so jealous! I saw the parade on TV and wondered if you were there And to be near Orlando...swoon!

Next time there's a big premiere in Wellington you'll have to hold up a TCS sign!
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Sam...I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!!!

LOTR doesn't come out till boxing day in Australia and since I live in a country town...January is my best bet. But at least I get to see it.

We've been collecting the Collector's Edition of the DVD sets...and we cannot wait for the third one....the first two look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good together.

And...even though we haven't decided on anything to do with the wedding. It has been decided that we're going to New Zealand to visit the locations as to where the movie was filmed. And we are so going to visit the farm in Matta Matta where the ONLY original sets of the movie still exist. It's of Hobbiton!!! And since I'm short, I should be able to fit under the doorways.
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You lucky person you! Wish I could have been there with you by your side, especially since I just recently finished readding book 3 of the trilogy, and I'm early awaiting the release here in the U.S. I (A.S.A.P. ), plan to go with my husband, when we're both not scheduled to work.
Would love to see pictures...if you took any....
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Any questions.. I'm happy to answer.

Sam... is that short for Samwise?
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Originally posted by Louse76
Sam... is that short for Samwise?
Very funny! Nah it's short for Samantha. I actually played "Bilbo" in my school production last year and he was probably my fave charactor from LOTR but Samwise is such a cutie!!!!

Sorry for making everyone jelous LOL but I just had to share.

Christy, I will have to!
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Gollum actor: I got my voice from cat

BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) -- Andy Serkis, the British actor who plays the bulging-eyed, schizophrenic cave-dweller Gollum in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, said on Monday he studied his cats to develop his character's sinister throaty voice.

"I actually found the voice from watching my cats at home," he said in Berlin ahead of the European premiere of the last part of the "Rings" trilogy, "The Return of the King".

"They lick the fur off their bodies, then it gets stuck in the back of their throats. When they get rid of it they get fur balls and they're sick and that became 'Gollum,' 'Gollum.' "

A classically trained stage actor, Serkis, 39, said playing the role of a creature obsessed with trying to seize the magic ring he calls "my precious" was challenging both for body and voice.

"I used to drink a lot of... 'Gollum' juice which was honey and lemon and ginger and fruit teas and stuff," he said. "I had a lot of lower back injuries because I made this decision to make him crawl because he's an addict and I wanted to reflect that sense of desperation."

Serkis acted every scene featuring Gollum. He then repeated the scenes wearing a special suit marked with dots that were monitored by 25 cameras and used to generate a computer image. Animators then copied his facial movements.

Even though the Gollum character looks sub-human on screen with its translucent skin and huge head, people still recognize Serkis, especially when they see his watery-blue eyes.

"People do come up in the street. ... If they lock eyes with me, they run up to me with their phones and say, 'Can you speak to my sister as Gollum?' "

Asked what he would do if he had the all-powerful but corrupting ring that is the focus of the trilogy, Serkis said "I would banish all religions first of all."
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I'd read that somewhere before, about how he got that particular noise. Too funny!

Interesting trivia for you: Tolkien was terrified of cats and in his earliest drafts, Sauron was an evil cat-lord called Tevildo.
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I'm going to see it on Christmas Eve, we did the same last year and the year before. We entice my boyf's little brother out so his mum can prepare for Santa in peace.
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