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tell me... does this look comfortable to you?!?

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If I would be a cat , yes
I wish I could do that though , great shot of your kittie .
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yep if your a cat
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Sure looks comfy for the kitty. I love when they look like they're smiling.
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It always amazes me what they consider comfortable!
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How gorgeous!
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LQQKS Purrfectly comfy to me!
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I think, as a child, I was able to do that. For that all important activity of using your toes as pacifiers. But I don't have the need for that ability anymore, so I can't do that at 25. Not without a whole lota yoga practice and a frequent flyer card for the chiropractor!!

But if 'Mo wants to, he can go right ahead and hug his back leg if he so desires.
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Awwww, what a comfy snug kitty!! Only a cat (or a seriously dedicated yoga person) could ever achieve such a position!
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Awwww cute!!! And actually, as an ex-gymnast, yes it does look comfortable. Hehe . . . I can still bend that far and then some.
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what a great shot, yes that looks very comfortable right now, im tired and sleepy right now
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What a cute picture! I've seen my two in some pretty bizarre sleeping positions that I didn't think could possibly be comfortable, but I guess they are.

I'm going to move this to Fur Pictures for you.
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Hmmm, have you noticed your cat has a leg growing from the chest?

Actually, it looks very comfortable, Mo looks very relaxed, so it must me! Great pic!
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Looks very comfortable, especially on a cold windy morning.
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Looks very comfy, but I think I would have to dislocate and break stuff to get into that position anymore
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Sure does! I fell asleep today on the sofa, when I woke up, Berkley and Sasha were sleeping on me. Sasha was between my legs and Berkley was draped over top of my left leg and part of Sasha's back. They were quite comfy, My legs were "asleep" LOL!!!
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That is such a cute pic!!!
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