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kitten and sleep

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Sparky is about 8 or 9 weeks old. He's been pretty healthy so far and generally sleeps quite a bit, which I guess is normal for a young animal. Yesterday, we wormed the cats. Blackie (4 years) is an in-and-out cat so he periodically needs to be treated now and then. Sparky also has some questionable stools lately so I thought it would be okay to treat them both. I used WrmRid. The recommended dose is 1/4 teasp. for kittens, 1/2 for adults. This is a powder which I mix into wet food, and since they share food I used the kitten dose. Blackie went outside shortly after eating, which is what he usually does after worming. Sparky just curled himself up into a ball and slept. He continues to be doing a lot of sleeping. I notice also that rather than laying on his side or back as he used to, he is laying on his side curled up or sleeping on his chest with his paws curled under him. He doesn't appear to be in pain, and the sleep positions are normal for cats in general even if theya re new for him. Is it likely he is reacting to the meds or is this just one of those changes animals make as they mature? I'm not terribly worried yet because everything else seems normal (food, mood, litter habits), but I will fed him separately if I need to worm again any time soon . . .
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I don't think I would worry much if he is eating,drinking,going to the bathroom normal. Kittens run around in spurts and then curl up to take a nap often. I have seen kittens in every position imaginable. It sounds like he just found some new comfie positions. If any of his normal habits change, I would get him to the vet.
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Im with Sandie here, I wouldn't worry just yet. As long as all other habbits are the same I think he's fine, most of my cats lay like that - I think they look like stuffed chickens when they do!! :laughing: (but maybe thats just me being strange..... )

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