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IMO Stupid Award of the Week goes to......

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Dark Dining A New Profit Idea
From CP24.com

Have you ever heard the expression ‘it looks good enough to eat’? Well, what if you couldn’t actually see what you were eating? That’s the premise behind an event at a New York City restaurant called Suba. And in a business that has literally thousands of competitors, it may be one way for customers to take a different look at their dining experience.

Even if they can’t quite see it. Suba operates a singles night, which is held in pitch blackness. Selling the concept as sort of a combination night (and lights) out and dating service, the dark diner features waiters who wear night vision goggles and patrons who may not even be sure what they’re consuming. They eat, chat and grope for their food in complete darkness.

The idea was the brainchild of Jerome Chasques, who notes there are some drawbacks. For one thing, you can’t tell if you’re getting red wine or white. For another, there’s no knives allowed. And then there’s the sound. “People tend to speak very loud when they're in the dark,†he observes.

Or doesn’t observe, because the place is in blackout mode. The experience costs $89 U.S. and serves up a five-course meal. Could it catch on in Toronto? It’s hard to say, but it might be something some local entrepreneurs may want to consider.

With the price of hydro scheduled to rise April 1st, it could be a sure way to shed some light on the bottom line.

Because in this case, not seeing really is believing.


I'm all for new ideas and concepts, but I'll pass on this one!
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That is very silly. It wouldn't work for deaf people
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
That is very silly. It wouldn't work for deaf people
I totally forgot about that!
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I can just see it, us deaf people trying to visit and having no idea what is happening.
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According to another website, they were doing it as a charity event for City Harvest, a well-known group which collects unused food from restaurants & hotel kitchens and distributes it to homeless shelters.
They had 4 different dates which all passed. The restaurant mostly serves tapas, which is a Spanish cuisine consisting of food on crackers.They have had 4 dates, which have passed. It was only for part of the meal.

What surprises me more is that the fire department didn't somehow get involved with this, if it is inherently dangerous, especially since the dining room of the restaurant is underground. The next date is 1/14/04 at $140 a plate. The space only accomodates 50 people.

A chef in Europe is the originator of the idea.
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People go to places like this? I would never eat something I couldn't see. Of course, if I were blind...
Maybe the idea behind this is to awaken our other senses to food?
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There are a few restaurants like that in Europe, and the staff members are blind. The darkness is supposed to help people understand how blind people live, work, etc.. I've never been to one, but know people who have.
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