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Monday DT

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OMG! I've never been so tired in my entire life! I just got home from work...my first ever overnighter! I desperately want to go to bed, but I know if I do I'll be out for the count. I've got to recover quickly from this since I have to be at work tomorrow at 6 am! This just stinks!

I'll be heading to the Vet in a short while. Tiki goes in for a Urine sample this morning. I think I might drop her off & have them call me when she's finished. At least that way I can get a least an hour or two nap & be raring to go!

Hope everyone's having a good Monday. Hopefully mine will be good...ask me later & I'll give ya a definitely answer!
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Shell, when I worked graveyard shift, I didn't go to bed until around 2:00 p.m. That worked best for me. At least you don't have to turn right around and go back. When I worked at Walgreen's, I'd get off at 11:00 p.m. and have to be back at 7, the next morning.

I just KNOW that today is going to be busy. After a 4-day weekend, the phones will be ringing like crazy and most of the calls will be excuses as to why they can't make their car payments and how DARE we expect them to pay.

Tomorrow, I'm scheduled for jury duty, in Federal court. The notice says that I am on call, for the whole month of December or until I get picked for a trial. I've been registered to vote, since 1976 and this is the first time that I've been called. At least, Federal court pays $40/day, as opposed to the $12 that Superior court pays. On top of that, my company pays me my full salary, too. The jury duty money won't come in until January but, I'll put that in my savings, toward a new car.
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Cindy, you get paid $40 a day just to wait? That sounds good to me!

Playing my FFX again, did some exercises before breakfast, and hubby is going to help a friend, I am thinking of going with him so I can catch up with that friend's *ahem* "friend" who is also a friend of mine. She owns this business that has 15 cabins and its just beautiful - if I could find their website, I would post it. Its ideal for a vacation! Sometimes I help out with cleaning the cabins and she pays me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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There's not much worse than working the Graveyard shift, at least in my opinion. I've been working Graveyards since 1997 at my job, and I have never felt anything but tired, no matter how much sleep I get. In fact, I was supposed to go to work last night, I forgot that I changed the time on my alarm clock to get up early on Thanksgiving, and I overslept the night away. I went to bed at 3pm yesturday afternoon, and woke up at 4am. I called my job and told them I just woke up. By then it was too late to go to work. I'm hoping I can go in early tonight to make up for it.
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Today I have a job interview. But please don't send tons of board vibes! If you do make them "give her a better offer" vibes! I'm not excited about this job because it's a 40% pay cut. I'd be willing to take a paycut but not 40%!

Today it is supposed to be up to 50 F so I'm going to finish my outdoor lights today. Then I need to do some laundry and straighten up the house.

I'm working on a craft project too. They're little felt gift bags with appliques on them. There very easy. The ones I'm making are a little bigger then this one and the appliques are a little fancier but you get the picture!

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howdy. just wanted to pop in say hello. looks like i'll have more computer time for a while. i left my job and will be looking for a new one soon. have a good day, all!
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Monday is here again! Already can't wait till Friday! My finals are this week, so I am very grateful to end this semester. It has been really rough on me. Didn't think I could handle everything especially dealing with my grandmother's death emotionally, but I made it because of God! My sister, Ashley (16 years old) and Allyson (7 years old) are spending the whole weekend with us. I can't wait! I didn't get to see them and my stepmom and dad for Thanksgiving, so I am going to hang out with them some on Saturday and I am taking the girls shopping! Boy, will I need another weekend to cope from the excitement! Have a great day everyone!
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Hello everyone! It's my day off and I'm spending it trying to find that thing I posted in my thread!
Oh well some day someone will have one I can buy without having to wait an eternity for it! until then I am going to just put it off and it'll become a lost gift I guess. I will have to see what else he wanted and get him that. BTW: It's GEORGOUS outside! Not all the winter weather I've been expecting!!! I hope the WHOLE winter is like this!
Tonight hopefully I will be going shopping with my friend and will ifnd all kinds of things for my family and friends for xmas! I have so darn many people to buy for!
Shell, get some sleep!
katl8e, I'm jealous, our work place doesn't pay you for jury duty, Lucky duck!
HopeHacker, hopefully you can make up some hours you lost. tell them you can't be perfect all the time, just 99.99% of it! LOL!
mzjazz2u those are really cute! do you sell them??
Auburn412 hope you find a job that you like soon!!!!
caprice have fun with our sisters!
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Originally posted by jugen

mzjazz2u those are really cute! do you sell them??
Maybe! I've been thinking about it anyway.
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I'd LOVE to buy one or two from you if ya think ya might. I'd Love to give them to two special teenagers(yeah special and teenagers in the same sentence!LOL!) for xmas. one loves yellow and one loves purple. let me know.....
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Im miserable today,i think i have a sinus infection AGAIN UGH!
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Hi all! Got a frantic e-mail from my dear friend who asked if we would take 3 of her 4 cats off her hands. Her husband was laid off, her income is small and they are struggling just to pay their bills. I offered to pay all food/litter/vet bills until they are back to normal but she is too proud to accept (if I took them I would have to pay for this anyway so why move them and stress them out?). Any ideas on how you talk someone (stubborn) into accepting help?

Other than that, just work,work,work today.
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OMG have I been sick.

This is my first post in about a week - according to the doctor, I officially had 'the crud.' Actually, the doc thought it was a virus until I went crawling back several days later, still no better at all. I started on a round of Zithromax on Friday, and am much better now, just pretty wiped out.

I ended up having to cancel Thanksgiving (I was supposed to be the host); luckily was supposed to be entertaining family and they were very understanding. The dogs and cat have been loving it, since I have been doing virtually nothing but lying around with them for over a week.

Anyhow, I'm on my way to bed, just wanted to pop in and say a quick 'hello' - I've been reading a few of the posts, but haven't felt up to even writing quick replies. Hopefully will be here more in the next few days, and able to get caught up!
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Originally posted by jugen
I'd LOVE to buy one or two from you if ya think ya might. I'd Love to give them to two special teenagers(yeah special and teenagers in the same sentence!LOL!) for xmas. one loves yellow and one loves purple. let me know.....
What kind of appliques would you want on them? I can do just simple shapes, or I saw letter appliques in JoAnn's and I could do initials. Let me know what you would want (PM me) and I'll let you know by the end of tomorrow. I'd have to get right on it because of shipping. Heck... I wouldn't even know what to charge for them.
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