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urgent..need advice

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Yesterday morning I took my one year old cat to get her yearly shots. I took her to one of those vacine clinics (I took her there for her kitten shots as well). Everything went fine or so I thought..they gave her a 4-1, lukemia, and rabies. By the afternoon she was all curled up in a ball and sleeping..I thought this was a normal reaction to the shots. Last night she seemed to get worse...she curled up on my bed and wouldn't let anyone touch her. This morning she did not move she stayed under the covers.. she is growling and hissing if anyone tries to move her. I don't know what to do...is this a normal reaction to yearly shots? I don't want to rush her to the vet if this is normal but she seems like she is in pain...any advice? please...
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Occasionally a cat will have a very bad reaction to her shots. Since it has been more than one day and your cat is still sick, it could be very dangerous for her. Please, please, please get her to the vet NOW!
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Please let us know what happened!
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I once read that it's better to have the shots at different times since having them all at one time might confuse the immune system & might cause auto-immune diseases.

Also, leukemia & rabies shots posses the danger of vaccine induced sarcomas. Although rare, the possibility increases with increased number of shots given simultaneously & at the same location.
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Well, after talking to her vet on the phone who assured me that this was a normal reaction, I decided to just let her sleep. This morning she woke me up feeling much better. She is still walking very slowly like she is achey but she is drastically better than yesterday..and she is eating which is a good sign. If she is not completely better in the next two days I may take her to the doctor just to be sure everything is ok...but I think she will be fine. Thanks for your concern
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Make a note to remind your vet that your cat had a reaction like that this time. He could have an even worse reaction next time.

My 5 year-old vomited several times after his shots last year. I called the vet. When I went in for shots this year, my vet had made a note of his reactions in his file and had me space out his shots over several trips, saying that he could have a worse reaction this time.
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