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I thought we'd go with my small, 3' fake tree this year since we still live in our little apartment. Nope! Bradley really wanted a real tree and I'm so glad he got one- I love it and it smells great! We just got done putting it up.

Bradley with the "naked" tree

The tree with just the lights and silver bead garland on

The finished results

We took some extra branches and entwined them with some white lights above the windows

Some of my favorite ornaments: The Democrat donkey I bought in DC and a pretty white cat ornament

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The small tree in my dining room - it's decorated in all snowmen.

My "big" tree -

My front door

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Ohh Abby's Mom your decorations are great! I Love them!
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Everyone's decorations are very nice! It's so fun to see them all... thanks for sharing!
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Originally Posted by akbeck98
Ohh Abby's Mom your decorations are great! I Love them!
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We put up our Christmas tree tonight..and here it is!

Here is a shot with all of our presents and stockings up
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Originally Posted by katl8e
Here's one of the pathetic little tree. The cats have ignored this one, so far.
I don't see ANY photos! I can't see the 1st one's either! Is it my computer or ?
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Originally Posted by catsplay.com
this is a fun thread! My husband LOVES decorating for Christmas, I mean LOVES it! He starts planning MONTHs ahead, and our house is 'famous' as a landmark in the neighborhood each year. I haven't taken pics this year yet, but here are a few pics from a couple of years ago!

This year we are actually not doing so much outside, because we just had an addition put on our house and he got tied up and too busy with that to focus on the lights a lot. But I will take some pics of this year's stuff and post them soon.
OH I LOVE your outdoor lights! the next city down from me has a Christmas Tree lane and 2 streets have outside lights and decorations all lit up. People who buy on the two streets have to agree to keep up the tradition!
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Well there all great, I finally got mine up left it bare for 3 days, miniman made a bed in it about half way up Zinger is so sneeky everytime I look she's in there under it, I finally decorated it last night and it looks Beautiful, I got some pictures on Digital, and regular but I thought the digital were not good, so I will have to get the film so I can get the CD to share Great decorations everyone
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We decorate late and sparsely -- partly because in Christmas decorations, I've always been of the "less is more" school -- partly from sheer inertia

I had been going to do it last weekend, but it didn't happen, so I waited until the cleaners had been -- which ended up being a day late Anyway, eventually, it happened this afternoon.

Here's the tree. Those who have finished their wrapping have added parcels; those who have not, will do so later...

I didn't do lights this year. We had a small electrical fire a couple of weeks ago, and I'm just electricity-anxious at the moment, so when two of the three strings of lights didn't light up when I tested them, I just put them all away. Probably only a dead bulb in each, I know, but my anxiety quotient just skyrocketed at that moment -- 'tain't worth it.
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Very nice Fran
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Very nice little tree, Fran. Someday I'll get tired of lugging out the big ole tree and go table top. They are so cute and especially when you have a nice table to put it on as you have!
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u
Very nice little tree, Fran. Someday I'll get tired of lugging out the big ole tree and go table top. They are so cute and especially when you have a nice table to put it on as you have!

It's a four and a half footer, and up on the table like that the top is well over six feet up, so though it's small, it does have a presence (not to mention presents ) It has worked well for us.
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It took me till now to get a picture of the tree but I wanted to put it on here, going to be taking it down tomorrow...

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Whoa.... there's a lot of cob webs to knock down in here! I'm not ready yet but I thought I'd start this thread going again for the holidays. It's kind of been a tradition for a few years so figured we might as well keep it going!

Some folks have deleted their pictures of past decorations but it's fun to look back at the ones still there from over the years.
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I cant wait to see if everyones decorations !!!!!!
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If I put it up this year it will be like 2004, I'm undecided because the cats won't leave it alone

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What a BEAUTIFUL tree!!
I LOVE Christmas and havent had a tree in forever. I might "try" and see what will happen this year.
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Okay I love the holidays... the day after Thanksgiving I love taking down our stuff from the attic, sorting through everything and decorating the house. My DH commented that our house looks like a Winter Wonderland this year so I wanted to share pictures... and encourage to share theirs.

Btw, half the reason I have so much snowmen stuff is because I accidentally told my mother-in-law last year that I love snowmen... she has now made it her mission to contribute a ton of this stuff!

Here's one of the bookshelves in our living room, you can see my little snowman tealight candle holder and our ornament candles (amongst all our photos and DVDs, lol)

Here's a blurry picture of the nativity scene snowglobes on either side of the TV, plus my snowman candle holders on our coffee table.

Here's our dining room table with my snowflake table runner, snowman salt and pepper shakers and snowman bowl thingy, lol

Here are my snowmen lights (MIL bought) and my Yankee Candle tart burner

Here's our nutcracker, another snowglobe, a snowman tart burner and my DH's Spurs Santa thing

My santa and friends snowglobe train, and that hallmark singing thing (with the penguins, tree, etc)

My sad snowman bowl, snowman chalkboard and snowman dishes

The front entry-way, with my Happy Holidays basket, pink christmas trees and snowman tealight holder

And last, but not least, our Christmas tree

I hope you all enjoyed... post some pictures of yours if you'd like, I love seeing these things!
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That's a cute snowman collection. Your gift-givers know what to get you!
If I could find my camera, I would show you my holiday CatWoman mantel. I have cat wall hangings to either side of the mantel. They are deep green, in the tall regal sit-pose, about 20". With heads turned opposite, they look like guardians and I just love them. They now have holiday ribbons round their necks, a holiday thingy running across the mantel, and a touch of holiday red stuff on the southwest art that sits atop the mantel.
I moved a few months ago -- camera still hiding.
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Very cute pictures! I'm enjoying all of your decorations!! I just got some of mine out tonight, but I worked all day today and have to do the same tomorrow- so whenever i get a moment to put it all together niecely, i will definitely snap some pictures
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Hi. Nice to see you posting! Great pics. I'll have to take some around the house and show you all!
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Ari, your home looks so Christmassy and cozy! Love all the snowmen.

I really love your grouping of your pics from your wedding. Really beautiful!

And I love the Hallmark singing thing. I saw that the other day and love how the penguins wiggle their little butts to jingle the bells!
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Thanks for the compliments guys! We put up our stockings (no fireplace so we hung them from the counter) and I went shopping today and had to try to resist all the cute stuff out there!

Has anyone else decorated? Pictures of Christmas trees are great too...
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Great Pics pinkdaisy Here are some of mine!!
Can't get the whole tree in the pic!

Another angle!

The kitty at the top!!

The Garland

The mantle...still looking for something for either end, haven't found it yet!
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Helen, all I can say to that is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! What a gorgeous home you must have! That tree is amazing!
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Wow, lots of lovely decorations

I don't decorate..no room in my little place
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Helen, all I can say to that is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! What a gorgeous home you must have! That tree is amazing!
Thanks Susie, We put it up early because we needed a little Joy around here...and Severino has laid in front of it since it went up...it's like he's guarding it or something!!! I love this tree I wish it could stay up all year!!!
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Beautiful pictures everyone! I'll be doing my decorating and tree this coming weekend so will post pictures then. I look forward to seeing everyone's holiday decorating pics!
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My house looks like the Christmas Aisle at Wal-Mart blew up! As soon as the batteries charge on the camera, I'll post pics... It's almost a tragedy
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