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Woo-hoo! I'm finished!!!!!

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I'm finished with my Christmas shopping!!

I left Bill watching the Sunday morning news shows and slipped out to K-Mart. It wasn't too busy, at 10:30 a.m. and I got Bill a Crown Royal gift pack, with two cut-crystal tumblers. He can have his holiday nip in style!

They had the cutest red velvet baby shoes but, they only went up to 3 mos. Shoot! Those would have looked gorgeous with the dresses that I bought for the twins. I would have bought the patent-leather Mary Janes, if I knew what size they wear. I settled for fancy socks, with ribbons and lace. Baby clothes are easy - they're sized by weight but shoes I'm not sure about. Bill says that he's going to warn Mark and Sam about my shoe "problem" - he's afraid that I'll pass it on to Fizzy and Izzy. SOMEBODY has to teach them about shoes - Sam wore Doc Martens with her Renaissance wedding dress.

The outside lights are up and working. Next week, the carpet gets shampooed and as soon as its dry - the tree goes up. Is anybody else ready for Christmas, yet?
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I haven't even started.
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I'm probably a good 75% done buying presents. Have I mentioned how much I love Amazon.com? And everything that I've bought is already wrapped. Just a bit more to go.
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Oh katl8e, I had forgotten about your shoe "fetish". I think that it is your duty as a caring, loving, grandma to pass on your knowledge and interests to those girls. The socks sound lovely for babies, but I think that a tradition of "shoes from grandma" would be a lovely one to start... birthdays, christmas, easter, valentines day.....
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As usual I havnt started.
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I have some of mine done
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I'm not really doing any shopping this year. Too tight with no job. But I have my tree up and 75% of my outdoor lights! I need to start baking soon. I always make a variety of baked goods and snacks and then take them around to each of my neighbors on Christmas Eve.
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I usually start decorating and shopping two weeks before Christmas. It's not because I am busy but I have to get into the mood. Weird huh?
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2 presents bought. Tree is going up tomorrow....Emmett's first Christmas....I fear for the tree!!!!
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Emmett may surprise you... I know Spike surprised me his first Christmas season. He didn't even go near the tree, much to my delight.
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It's good to see you back Cindy.

I have brought one of my sisters a present... that's all though!
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Woohoo! It IS nice to be done with the season's shopping. No presents exchange this year, so no shopping for us. No tree, but I have the wreath, and decorated swags over the doorways, and will put out an xmas mat. Put out a few decorative candles too. Trying to find a place for my stuffed Santa that won't be his death sentence.

Awwww, "red velvet baby shoes" sound adorable! Too bad the sizes didn't go higher.
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I have a few things- but I'm going on my major shopping trip to the city on Thursday. Hubby wants, of all things, a Juicer Just when I think I've got the man figured out...

I'd love to get him The PS2 he wants, but I'm not sure I can swing it this year I'm just finishing off paying my credit card debts from LAST year *sigh* Our sofa decided to crap out last year, and rather than sit on the floor , I decided to get a new set on my credit card.

I'm excited to be finally getting around to my shopping this week- God have mercy on my credit cards!
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Bill is difficult to buy for. He doesn't really want or need anything. I get him some NASCAR stuff and a new shirt each year, as well as a bottle of Crown Royal.

He refers to Rowdy and Buddy as "those two criminals" so, I had Kimward make Photoshop mugshots of them. I printed out the pix and put them in a double frame for him. He'll get SUCH a kick out of those!
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I finished today, bought my other half a Tenacious D DVD to finish off his gifts and we got all the family gifts months ago!
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