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disturbing behavior

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My male has combined kneading with 'going through the motions'of unneutered behavior. He used to only knead my arm and it was 'cute', and made me feel that he was comfortable in my home. He is a fixed male stray that I took in four years ago so I don't really know his history other than he was already fixed, and is about 8 or 9 years old now. Once he starts kneading my arm now he gets excited. Yes, I'm sure. The kneading is okay but I don't understand the rest of it and want to stop this new behavior. What suggestions do any of you have? Any psycologists out there that can explain this new disturbing behavior? I have a two year old fixed female too. He doesn't seem to bother her one bit other than to groom and snuggle with. They are adorable together.
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One of my cats (who is also fixed) used to do this to me (ooops! was I surprised to see his little manhood pop out one day). Sadly, I had to be "mean" and remove him from me the minute he'd start kneading. He would try over and over to get back up on me but I'd calmly place him on the floor. Eventually he got the hint and stopped.

He really doesn't get excited when he kneads anymore except for around Halloween. I have this plush pumpkin toy that giggles when you press it's hand. Kramer kneads that and gets very obviously turned on by it. But when Halloween is over, the toy gets put away and he's "celibate" for another year.

Odd, isn't it?
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Okay, I have a question here...without getting too graphic, I thought when they neutered a cat, they removed the testicles, actually castrating him, not just making him infertile, like a vasectomy does for a guy. So...if they removed the testicles, then shouldn't the hormone that allows him to get an erection be gone, and if so, how and why does this happen???

The reason this subject has caught my eye is our new guy, Pumpkin, has not been neutered yet (going this week ---thank goodness), and he has been "going through the motions" with one of our older neutered male cats who does not appreciate it at all~~!! I was really hoping after he was fixed, this would stop, but now I'm wondering if this is going to keep up.

Anybody out there have any medical explanation as to how this is still possible? Although, come to think of it, my dog who is also neutered, still gets "worked up" from time to time, too! Boys will be boys, I guess!
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Yes, just because they remove the whole kitten kaboodle, they still can get aroused. I cant give a medical explanation though. It is more common in the males who reached sexual maturity before they get neutered. They remember all of the motions. I usually tell people to neuter before 6 months. It is on the annoying side, but part of nature!!
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I bet those cats can be embarassing when you're having guests... I found the toy pumpkin story very funny! You should videotape it and send it to a home movies contest...

Seriously, I think the best way to handle this is to do as K&J suggested and the best way to prevent this is early neutering. My cat was fixed at the age of four months and he's pure as an angel...
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Well, I'm glad to know that my cat isn't abnormal! He spends most of his time trying to "make time" with just about anything he comes in contact with! At first, I thought he was still doing it because he still had some testosterone left in his system. But he's been neutered for 3 months now, and he's still going to town! You name any random object, and my cat has been there. It's so annoying! I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it.
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It is the blood supply that causes the erection, not the seminal fluid from the testicals. Castration removes the 'sac' that holds the semin and the tubes leading to the penis is cut and tied off. Yes, definately, early castration is the best way to curb this behavior and understanding (gentle) behavior modification is for the older, already neutered, cat.
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