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Getting a cat used to things

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Hi, I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is the right spot, but I have a cat (Gemini is her name) that we just adopted from my gf's coworker. She lived with the original owner for all 5n years of her life, and now she has to get used to my house. I have to keep her in my room first till we can my other cat and her used to eachother. Well she has found my window and is perched up there meowing non-stop and panting. I've been trying to get her to drink water, but she hasn't wanted any and we are out of milk at the moment. Any ideas on what I can do?

Also whats a good way to go about getting two cats used to eachother?
We have another cat that has been with us almost 18 years and she seemed ok when I had Gemini in the cage, but then Gemini hissed and Patches (my other cat then got pissed). I think Gemini is just scared and really think they may get along, especially since Gemini had another cat pal that died 6 months ago. So any help is really appreciated!

Thanx in advance!
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Well, she sounds stressed from the move. You don't need to give her milk...at all. Water is actually the thing she should be drinking.

It is good that you are keeping the 2 cats separate until they can get used to one another. If each lays on something, like a t-shirt, you can exchange the 2 articles of clothing so they can begin to get used to the scent of the other.
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Thanx! I really haven't given her any milk anyways. It's all been water other then a bit of milk when she first got her to say we're nice ppl. She has calmed down though and is sitting on my bed bathing herself at the moment . She gets very perky when she hears the other animals in my house too. (We have 3 dogs). So yeah as you can see we're animal lovers here lol.

I did introduce the two cats to each other while Gemini was in a cat carrier they kinda sniffed at first, but Gemini was still stressed so she hissed and got Patches mad, ut I'm not gonna give up and I'm gonna try the shirt idea. I might try using a blanket instead though.

Anyways thanx again!
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Hello and Welcome!

Water is best for her - milk can upset her stomach. You're doing the right thing to give her a quiet place where she can hide and get used to her new home.

Definitely give her some time to get used to her new surroundings before trying to introduce her to your other cat - she needs to settle down first.

There's a product you can get at the store called Feliway Comfort Zone plug-in that is wonderful for helping to calm cats in a new environment - I've used it before when I've moved, and it made a huge difference. You might want to give it a try.

Find out what kind of food her previous owner gave, and feed her that for a little while before trying to switch her to a new food, if you feed a different type in your house. You want to make things as calm & familiar for her as possible right now.

It might also help to give her a place to hide, like a paper bag (without handles) or a cardboard box with a hole cut out for her to crawl inside. Make sure she has a litterbox close by, so she doesn't have to search too far for it.

As for introductions once she gets settled in, read these:

They've been very helpful to me, so I hope they'll help you too.

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Thanx for the advice! I'm gonna go ahead and give that Feliway Comfort Zone a try. As for place for her to hide, she has taken to underneath my futton. That works good though because I was able to put the litter box like really close to her. She's still very hesitant to eat, but she's slowly beginning to. The biggest thing though is trying to keep her calm during the morning hours between 4am and 7am. She likes to climb up my window (not the curtains, but the window).
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