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Sunday Daily Thread

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Ok It's 5:30 A.M. here and I'm up and atom! Not sure why since I was up late working on my website. Maybe it was because I slept until almost 1:00 P.M. yesterday! Sheesh, I'm all messed up since that darn surgery!

Today I'm going to try to put out the rest of the outdoor lights. I'll just do a little at a time.

Went shopping last night and picked up a new winter jacket for 40% off. I wasn't going to buy one this year but the zipper broke on my 7 year old jacket so I figured it was time. I loved that old jacket. It wasn't too heavy yet was warm enough. I hate big bulky jackets. Maybe because I'm already big and bulky I don't have to add anymore!
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Me I have been up since 6am those darn kitties know when breakfast is and want let me sleep Oh well I think I will live Today I plan on going to do a little bit of shopping.

For the past two days I haven't even gotten dressed and been in my jammies all day It's sad but true I could care less about Christmas this year I think with my Dad dying and all the cr@p with my Daughter I just can't get into the Christmas spirit. Must get motivated!

Anywho hope all have a great day
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I was up early, too. Just can't seem to get the dogs' bladders programmed for weekends!

We hit WalMart before 7:00 and got in and out with no hassles. I got two cute little dresses, for the twins: one red velvet and one red plaid, with black velvet trim. Looked for red booties but, couldn't find any. Later, I may venture out to K-Mart and get that Crown Royal gift pack for Bill. That will finish my Christmas shopping.

Poor Bill: he ordered a blouse for my birthday and, wouldn't you know, it came yesterday and I was the one who got the mail. Since I hadn't ordered anything from Shepler's, it had to be a gift. He won't let me have it until next Sunday, though. I wonder what he's getting me for Christmas, besides Photoshop?

Have a good one!
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At last - some time at the computer! My mom invited Ron over for today. He's on his way back home right now after spending the day with his grandma. I heard they had a great time. This meant I could get some work done (while wearing Dan in the baby sling). Hope you all enjoy the new TCS look for the holidays (in case you miss the thread - check out your Control Panel to switch to the Holidays style).
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Going to paint Christmas pictures on the windows at two nursing homes today with my friends. I'm dressed like a Christmas tree! I have a Christmas tree headband, Christmas tree earrings, and Christmas bows all over my overalls! Heheh. Ain't I stylin'?

Sadie has an appointment to get her second boosters on Christmas Eve morning (it's the only day that I don't have school/work! lol) and she's getting spayed on January 15. She has worms and earmites but the vet said Socks probably won't get them because the two of them aren't in close contact and don't share a litterbox. She's cost me $105 already, and I know it's going to be more on Christmas Eve as Socks is getting her shots too and a fecal for both of them as well. Gosh, I hope Santa brings me money!
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Oh it's going to be a VERY long day for me! I have to work my first ever Over night shift tonight & it's gonna kill me! I tried my best to stay up late last night but only made it til 12:30. Then I tried to sleep in as late as possible today & I was shocked that I finally got out of bed at 10:45. I'll probably head back to bed around 3 or so to get a few more hours sleep until I have to work at 9 tonight. I just know my body's schedule will be completely messed up by doing it, but it's mandatory so I don't have much of a choice.

Hopefully, I won't fall asleep tonight at work!

Looks like it'll be a long & boring day here, but yet it's kind of nice to be a bum once in a while.
Hope everyone's having a great day!!
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A quiet day for me, I do not want to venture outside while there is snow still on the ground.

Did some exercising this morning and I feel good. Also am in the process of doing the laundry, isn't that always fun?

Knowing me and hubby, we will be fighting over who plays the playstation games first I am fixing to play Final Fantasy X. (again)

Have a wonderful day you all!
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