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I'm back! :)

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Hi there,

It has been a long time since I have visited thecatsite.com, but now I am back and today I have been doing some more work to my site.

Today I added 9 new cat photos to the photos section of Mouser's

Cats appearing in these new photos are as follows -

Kamea: Close up of Kamea

Jaffa II: Jaffa II liked his Go-Cat, Jaffa II eating again, Jaffa II
caught a rat, There's no escape for this rat, Jaffa II in a dog's bed

Toulouse: Toulouse snuggles on bed

Cissi: A close-up of Cissi

Suckula: Suckula in a bag

Please enjoy these pictures at Mouser's Page

There will be more photos coming weeks including...
more photos of Mouser
lots more photos of Suckula
more photos of Jaffa II
more photos of Cissi
more photos of Toulouse
photos of Timmy
photos of Tommy
photos of Tiggy
photos of Crab Bait
photos of Toki
more photos of Tabbatha
photos of Tabbatha's kittens
more photos of Puff
plus loads more visitor's photos!

Have a nice day.
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Hi Sicycat!
Nice to see you're over on this forum as well ...small world
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Sicy is everywhere!

Sounds like you've been busy with your website!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Sicy is everywhere!
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Hiya Mouser. I see you again too.

And yes Sicy is everywhere.

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Hi Mouser... I don't think I have seen you at any of my kitty hang outs! Nice to have you here.
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Very cool website, pretty pics! I only had time to browse through a few pages, but will return to see the rest....I especially like the running cat when I click for 'Next'.
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