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Christmas is just around the corner. My best friend lives about a 5 hour or less drive from me. Earlier this spring after about a year of joint custody with her ex-boyfriend he decided to keep the dog and told her she would never see him again. Jenn was going to go to the courts and everything and was ready to but she thought it would be too stressful on the dog so she decided against it. She figued the ex was only doing this as a way of punishing her for leaving him for a much better guy (more on this in the story) It took a lot for her to give up her dog. He was her baby.

Well since about August she has decided her and Dan (new much better boyfriend) would get a puppy. She will talk and talk and talk about getting a puppy and everything. I know deep down she probably thinks by her going and picking out a puppy she is totally abandoning Ridley (the dog) so I know she is half heartedly looking.

Well last week she was up and was asking me if there were any puppies at the SPCA, which there isn't. She also went on about how she bought me a christmas gift that will make me cry.

So I got it in my head that if she is going to make me cry I'm going to make her cry with my gift. I decided to get her a puppy. I called Dan and told him of my idea. I work with her mom so I told her. Dan was for it but said to wait see what kind of place they end up moving to. It might not allow animals. Her mom was learly about it, but she said to give it to her after Christmas day, like boxing day or something.

I got the ads that had the animals for sale and found some lab puppies that would be ready on the 19th of December. I made an appointment to see them this morning. Last night I get a call from Dan saying to go ahead with the puppy.

I went to see the little puppies this morning. They were so cute. 8 black ones and 3 chocolate brown ones. 11 puppies in all. All the chocolate ones were spoken for so I picked out a super friendly male black one. I know when I take Jen on the 26th to pick up the puppy she'll cry. Its going to be a surprise. I'm telling her I'm taking her for breakfast and driving her to the house to get the little guy.

I can't wait to give her the puppy. I think it will be an awesome present for her. I'm going back in a few days to get a picture of it and I'll post it. Its so cute.

I just had to share my idea. I'll fill you in on how it goes when I finally give her the puppy.
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What a super idea for your friend She is going to love her present
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he he
what a coincidence!!! I'm picking either a lab or golden retriever soon.... they're so cute and adorable aren't they??

Just one thing, i don't know what type of dog your friend had before, but i do know labs need loads of time, especially when pups, otherwise it'll be one difficult dog as it gets older.
Just be very sure your friend definately wants one and that she has the time for a lab.
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OMG Jenn so wants a puppy. I know getting her one will be the best thing I could get her. If I had any doubts I wouldn't go with that gift idea.

In other puppy news. Jenn's mom and I are going to see her new fur grandson tuesday evening. We are taking a digital camera to get some pictures. I'll be posting them here when I get them. This little guy is so adorable. I'm so excited to be giving Jenn this gift. I can't wait until Christmas! 3 more weeks away!!!!

Unfortunally I still have TONS of shopping to do. Hopefully with my next pay cheque on the 17th I'll be able to finish.
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I wud loooove to have a puppy too

Last nite on Will & Grace they had the cutest little golden lab on there. Golden labs are soooooo hyper.. very very hyper actually.. and as mentioned above a LOT of work. but how can you resist such a cute wittle face. I cud just pinch their cheeks.
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Ok. Picking up the puppy for my best friend on friday. She has no idea yet what she is getting from me!!!

Here are some pictures. Her mom and I went this afternoon to see the little bundle of joy.

Jenn's mom and her new grandson

Look at that little face

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oh boy! He's a darling! Your friend is so lucky to have you!
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Aww what a cutie puppy . I am sure she will love him and love you for doing that for her
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aww he is so cute!! Where will he stay until Christmas? At the breeders or at her mom's place?

any more pictures?? lol.
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Here is one of the 3 puppies still waiting to be picked up. Junior is the one in the middle (the one Jenn is getting) They were so excited for visitors

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Originally posted by Creepyowl
Ok. Look at that little face


Dear me, he is a darling! 'Course I have a serious soft spot for black labs...

What a sweetie!!
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My primary school principal had two black labs. They were the sweetest dogs ever. I sure hope I have the privilege of sharing my life with one some day.

They're so ADORABLE!!!
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Yeah!! Another Christmas puppy! (We're getting one also) What is about Christmas that makes folks want to get a puppy? I also love labs (or lab mixes) and have a soft spot for any abandoned dog. I hope your friend has years of love with this little guy.
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Awwww! He is so precious! I bet she'll love him to bits! I hope you post what her reaction is b/c I'd love to know!
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I'm also getting ny golden retriever pup this saturday!

He'll be 6 weeks old, which is young, but after alot of reading i think this willl be the best bet with regards to him accepting the cats and vice versa.

Am very very excited and am counting down the days down! :flash: :flash:
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I couldn't help myself!!! Jenn has been feeling under the weather and some family problems have arised so I thought I would let her know about her puppy in a sly way.

I sent her an e-greeting with the picture of her mom and the puppy saying I thought she would like to see a picture of her mom's new grandson.

Well, she got the e-greeting at work last night. I called her and she was all crying saying how cute he was and couldn't wait to pick him up on Friday. She sounded so happy about it. I'm tickled pink. :pinky:

Now I can't wait for her to get the little guy. I'll get pictures of her reaction to him the first time she sees him. She told me she was priniting up the picture to take to Dan when she got home from work. She said she would call me at work today so we could talk more.

I'm just really really glad that she is happy with her gift!
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OMG I am seriously in LOVE!!!!!!
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Well since it was a quiet Christmas day we decided to pick up the puppy this afternoon.

Jenn loved him and you could see her returned the feeling. She named him Tucker. He's so adorable. I'll post some pics as soon as I can get some.
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Ahhhh that is great that she love the puppy . Well whats there not to love , as cute as he is . Yeah , more pics
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ooooh i'm so so glad she loved the pup, what puppy couldn't warm a persons heart!

Am getting my retriever puppy tommorrow!!!!! :flash:
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