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Spots On Tummy

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Smokey has spots on his stomach.... Does that mean he has bengal or ocicat in him (or another breed) ? Or does that just happen in some cats?

Here are some pics:

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Oh my goodness what a pair!!!
I think that just happens.
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It's part of the markings you'll see on some tabbies ....as I recall they are delightfully called "vest buttons" <G>. It's related to coat pattern, not breed.
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There are different kinds of tabbies, some have spots or strips. But I'm not sure if your kitty is an Ocicat because they only come in brown I think. And Bengal have more spots on their bodies. It doesn't matter if your kitty is Ocicat or Bengal, it is stiil cute and adorable no matter what.
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Isn't spotted called Torti? I dunno Anyway, I know at least one of my kittens have spotted tummies. And they're Tabbys
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My baby gurl, Zebra has spots on her tummy too. I have no idea what she is. I think she looks like a Maine Coon, but what do I know.. What do you guys think?
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