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New Med's & Vomiting?!

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I took Tiki to the vet today for a possible Bladder/UTI. The Vet couldn't get a urine sample & I'll be going back on Monday with her in hopes of them get one then. He gave me Clavamox 62.5mg for her & told me to give it to her twice a day. I gave her the first pill at 12pm & gave her the last one for the day at 9:30 or so. She acted fine after the first pill. I noticed that right before I gave her the last pill, she seemed a bit sluggish but I had thought that maybe she just woke up from a nap. After I gave her the pill, I keep an eye on her & she was still rather sluggish. She'd get up & stop...look over at me & squint her eyes as if they hurt. Then she's lay down only after a few steps & the process started over. I thought this was really strange & have been watching her every move for the past hour. Just 5 minutes ago, she vomited. It was watery with some food. She's never vomited a single time since I've had here & I've never seen her act so tired and sluggish.

Do you think it's the med's? What are signs of allergic reactions to Clavamox? I'll be calling the Vet tomorrow (hopefully someone will answer!) & if I don't get anywhere with that, I'm stopping the med's until I take her in on Monday morning.
I'm really worried here...anyone have any ideas?
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I believe that is one of the side effects. BUT, I've never had any of mine throw up from Clavamox. It's a really good antibiotic. It could be that it is not agreeing (that looks weird ?) with her stomach. Do you have one of those 24 hour emergency animal clinics that you can call, or does your vet staff have someone always on call? I'd call either one of them.
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here shell:

This website says it is a side effect
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So far, no more vomiting. She doesn't seem as sluggish right now. I'm betting what ever medicine was left in her tummy ended up on my floor. She's drinking & eating right now, so that's a good sign.

I'll keep an eye on her tonight & see how she's doing in the morning. If she's still acting funny, I'll call the vet but I'm reluctant to giving her morning pill.

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out!

Thanks again!
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My female vomitted on Clavamox as well. It was only for the first two doses and then she was fine. Good luck.
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I find my cats are just as individual as any human with what they can and can't handle. Clavamox makes Joshau have projectile vomitting...ew! Tyler can handle it no problem, though he tries to fling it back out of his mouth, and lets me know he thinks it tastes nasty.

If you try another dose and she does this again, I'd hold on the giving her any more until talking with your vet....just my opinion.

Good luck, hope she feels better soon,
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Shell, Sicy had Zoey on Clavamox not too long ago and she had problems with it. Talk to Sicy. I use Clavamox is a pretty well used antibiotic for uti's and sinus infections in cats. In fact, I just ordered some for Jake. He has chronic sinusitis.

You probably should call the vet and let them know Tiki is vomitting though. Make sure she gets lots of fluids. Even chicken broth is ok to give temporarily if they have vomitting and diarhea.... just so they get extra fluids. Ask you vet about it.
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Shell, Zoey had diarrhea once and vomited once on Clavamox. She also slept alot more and eventually stopped eating. The vet told me to stop giving it to her immediately. I would probably stop until you can talk to the vet and maybe get a different med.
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I gave her a dose this morning & she's still pretty tired. I tried calling but no answer. I won't give her the med's tonight. We have an appointment at 7:30 tomorrow morning, so I will explain it all to them then. Hopefully, they'll switch her med's since I don't feel comfortable with how she's acting. Dr John said he likes to give antibotics for at least 20 days for cats who are prone to bladder infections. I just can't imagine her acting like this for another 19 days!

I'll keep you all informed on what happens with the Vet & etc.
Thanks for all your help & your suggestions!
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I get sick on most antibiotics and have to eat before I can take them. They can be hard on an empty stomach. Perhaps you can get Tiki to eat a little food before her medicine? Let us know what the vet says!
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Darling was sick for a while and I had to give her the clavamox liquit twice a day .She got worse day by day and endet up bringing her to the vet . She had to stay in the hospital and needet a IV , was dehidrated (sp) . And all becourse she was alergic to that medication . I spendet $ 150.00 dollars for her hospital stay and meds she had to get there .
I hope Tiki is getting better Shell
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Thanks! She's still pretty sluggish. She slept on the bed for almost the entire day. I haven't noticed her drinking or eating today at all. She also seems rather cranky. I'd go in the bedroom to check on her & give her some loves and she'd move away from me. It's almost like she just didn't want to be bothered with at all today. I'm not giving her the med's tonight. I've got a gut feeling that the med's are doing this & since I won't be home tonight (I'm working an overnighter), I'm not going to risk it with out me being here.

Hopefully the Vet will give me a heads up on this tomorrow. I'll keep ya'll posted! Thanks!
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Poor Tiki. She'll feel better by tomorrow when she's off the meds. **hugs**
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I took Tiki to the Vet this morning at 7:30. Poor baby...she was so scared! I almost cried when I left her there since I knew she was so scared! They were going to call me once they got a sample & I hadn't heard anything. So I just called them & the little turkey won't go! They said she been sleeping all day! I told the vet tech that I think something is wrong since she never sleeps that much & she's been doing that alot since Saturday. They said they may have to keep her overnight! I just hate the thought of that! Echo is desperately searching the apartment up & down for her buddy. And I just hate to think of her sleeping in a dark cold cage all night. It just breaks my heart! I know it's all for the best, but I just wish she's pee already! I want to take her home!

The Vet tech said that if she refuses to go, then they'll do a syringe sample. I'm assuming they stick a needle into her bladder to get a sample that way. I heard it's the most accurate, but I bet that hurts.

Just thought I'd give you all an update even though I don't know much at this point. I guess this is more of a vent than anything else...I just miss her!
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If she stays the night, can you get a smelly shirt of yours over to the vets to sleep with? That might bring her some comfort!

My vet did the needle stick on Shep last month and it didn't appear to phase her at all.
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Originally posted by Shell

The Vet tech said that if she refuses to go, then they'll do a syringe sample. I'm assuming they stick a needle into her bladder to get a sample that way. I heard it's the most accurate, but I bet that hurts.

Just thought I'd give you all an update even though I don't know much at this point. I guess this is more of a vent than anything else...I just miss her!
Shell, I'm sorry she may have to stay, but did want to reassure you a bit that if they do have to do a cystocentesis, it doesn't seem to bother any cat of mine who has had it done. It's a fairly fine gauge needle that is used I believe (maybe vettech can verify that or correct me), I've never been able to tell where the insertion site was, nor had my cat upset when it came back into the exam room afterwords.

Hopefully Tiki can come home tonight,
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Tigger has had to have the needle thing done twice because they couldnt get her to go. It was enough where they could test her urine though and do tests on it. From what the vet tech told me, it doesn't hurt them. A few months back, I noticed Tigger not acting herself.. sleeping under the bed and such. I had hubby take her in, and sure enough it was a UTI. He decided it was best to leave her overnight (she was dehydrated) because we had class that night. She was fine when we brought her home. I guess she had a UTI, but she had no stones or such. So, it probably is a good thing that Tikki stays.
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I'm so lonely! My baby girl had to spend the night! I called them again at 6:30 & asked if they were able to get her to go. Unfortunately, she hadn't yet. They said she's being a pretty stubborn little girl! HA! That's understatement!

I told them I'd call them tomorrow while I was on lunch break & see how she's doing. Then I'll rush right after work at 4 to pick her up. I highly doubt that she can hold it for that long, so I'm hoping that she goes during the night. If not, I'm hoping that they'll decide to do the syringe thing.

I just hope that she's ok tonight & that's is comfortable. She's such a love bug at night...I'm sure she's lonely!

Thanks again everyone. I do hope that she'll be ok & feeling better very soon. I'll keep you all updated on what happens.
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I'm usually in the room when the vet runs tests and I witnessed the syringe stick last month with Shep. She screamed bloody murder when they drew blood, then didn't even flinch when they drew urine.

I hope she's OK and you get her back soon!! Poor little girl...she'll be so happy to see you tomorrow.
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Aww poor Tiki and poor mom . Both are lonely tonight . I know you miss her and she is missing you . I am sure by tomorrow you can pick her up . Hopefuly everything is ok with her .
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YAY! Tiki is home!!!!! She was so excited to see me & I was just bursting at the seams to squeeze her! Now, she's off playing with Echo & lovin' every minute of it!

Looks like she really did have a UTI. They said her red blood cells were really high & that there was lots of bacteria in it. Poor kid! They gave me some new med's called Orbax. I've never heard of this one & I'll do a little research on it tonight. Luckily, I only have to give her one pill a day! Scheduled another appointment for a recheck in 10 days...hopefully the infection will be history!

Thanks everyone for your kind words & encouragement! I really appreciate it!
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I am so happy Tiki is back home with mom and Echo . I am sure the meds will help her . I never herd of that med. myself , maybe a new one on the market . I am sure Tiki was hurt using the bathroom , poor baby . I hope the meds will work out for her .
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