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Well right now she has concentrated on helping me, and hasn't made touch with him yet. She lives in Canada. But because I have used her before, I know she truly has the gift and she will reach out to him after he runs through the tests. Then she will tell me what he needs. She scolded me yesterday for being so fearful. I was really stressed when I talked to her and she told me I needed to get back to my quiet place where I can hear him, and listen to what he has to say. We talked for quite awhile and then I went and sat in his stall and just listened for a long time. I finally heard him, when I stepped away from the fear I carried that he might die and he told me that everything will be okay and I needed to relax. Today with the vet, he was really keyed up and I had to explain to the vet that all the procedures being done, the equipment needed to be shown to Racer before it was used on him or he wouldn't stop dancing around. The vet thought I was certifiable- that ole left-brain only thinking the vet does, but he allowed me to show Racer the films, the machine, the tape and everything, and Racer calmed right down. Afterward, he asked me what I did, and I told him, I just listened to him. It is interesting to me that I have two horses, but can only really communicate and hear one of them. I guess because we bonded that one day long ago when he was in isolation and almost died.
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I'm sorry to hear that there isn't much good news at the moment. I do hope things improve you Racer. I hope the animal communicator has some good news for you.
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I'm sorry Racer is still having such a rough time. Good thoughts and prayers going out to you and Racer.
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Ohhhh M.A. my heart is going out to you and Racer ((((((HUGS))))))
Hang in there for the trying trial . Racer would tell you if it is time to go and he has not told you that . Animals know when it is their time to go . Racer has not given up and that is great news for you . He is willing to fight with you together . Love ya girl I sure keep praying for both of you
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Oh, Hissy, I hope it turns out ok. My parents still have my horse, she's getting very old--37! I never could "talk" to her the way you do with Racer, but we definitely had a bond when I was still living in my parents house. I know how wonderful these animals are, and what great friends they can be. Stay strong, and maybe you'll get a Christmas miracle.
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Perhaps you are certifiable, MA, but not for any reason the vet would think, LOL!

Of course my thoughts remain with you, Mike and Racer. I'm so glad you're able to hear him, and I hope everything goes well and that you get a Christmas miracle.

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Sending some more good vibes to you and Racer.

My kitty Russell has told me that you're not certifiable. He thinks you're wonderful. And Esper, well she's napping and I didn't want to disturb her.

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Hi MA.

I am sorry - I have only just read this thread. I am praying for Racer and for you.

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MA - more people should be as certifiable as you, the world would be a better place.
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Originally posted by Hell603
MA - more people should be as certifiable as you, the world would be a better place.
Got THAT one right!
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M.A. how are you and Racer doing ?

Still praying for you both :angel2:
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Just want you to know, I'm still praying for Racer....he is in my thoughts and prayers daily. I hope he is doing better...please let us know how he is. **HUGS**
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Sending out **positive healing vibes** to Racer.

Will be sparing a thought to you and Racer this Christmas. I hope all goes well and peacefully.
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Hi Ma, this is the first post I've done on this. I've been away for awhile with Tigger an all. I sure hope your buddy gets better. This holistic lady you were talking about sounds like she's the one that knows what's going on and not the Vet. Good for you for listening to yourself and Racer, it's so hard to clear everything else out sometimes.

Keep us posted.

Racer is in our hearts.
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MA,Hugs to you and to Racer{{{{HUGS}}}} I will continue to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
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Lots of hugs and nose rubs and whatever other signs of affection Racer responds to. He and you are in our thoughts, and the good vibes and prayers continue. Hope he's holding his own and keeping you posted about his needs.
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Haven't heard any Racer news for a few days -- how's the boy doing, Hissy?
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MA - how is racer doing??? I am keeping him in my prayers. Let us know when you can.
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Racer is holding his own. The rolled back shoes are helping him to move around, and he goes in for tests on the 8th of January. The morning of the first snow he was doing really bad, so bad i upped his pain meds. The vet said it was the cold from the snow and the fact that the snow was probably compacted underneath his new shoes and helping him to feel so punky.

Thanks for asking guys, you touch my heart....truly
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Racer will always be on my mind MA.... I will be thinking good thoughts when he has his tests. You and He keep hanging in there.
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Hissy,we all care about you and all of your family,keep us up a date. we are still praying for him.
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M.A. you know that I am praying every day for you and Racer and will continue to pray for both of you
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MA, I haven't been around much and haven't had the chance to catch up, but have been worried about Racer, especially with the snow I know you've had out there. I'm so sorry it's causing him more pain, poor guy.

I will keep him in my prayers, and I sure hope the 8th reveals something further that can help this guy out of his pain and discomfort.

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I too have not forgotten Racer in my prayers. I hope the test results are good! How long will it take for you to get the results?
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It takes 3-5 days. They have to inject a dye into his body and then follow it as well as take blood at scheduled times-
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I am sending prayers and healing thoughts Hissy.
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Continuing thoughts and prayers, Hissy. Hope you are taking care of you, too.
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Oh Mary Anne, You Racer and Mike are in my thoughts.. I sure hope he gets better!
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Sending out **Calming vibes** to you and Racer.

I hope the tests reveal useful information and yield positive results.

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Thanks Guys,

He is over at the vet barn, and I just called to see how he was doing. I so hated leaving him there this morning. The girl said he is a cutie, and smart, and I can't have him back! LOL They have totally fallen in love with him. Said most horses just hang out in the back of the paddock, but every time they go out to see him, he comes up and puts his beautiful head on their shoulder and gives them his characteristic hug. I MISS HIM SO- call me a wuss, I don't care, but I want him home!
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