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Asking for good old board magic

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Some of you may already know, but I am facing a crisis right now with my horse Racer. He has foundered, and founder in a horse can be a serious thing. To put it in the perspective of a cat-owner context, look at it as a botched declaw with no bandages to protect the foot. Add 1200 pounds of horse coming down on front legs, that no longer support the weight, because the laminae- a sort of force field around the hoof wall and surrounding arteries and tissue is dying or is dead, and you have the very real possibility of his coffin bone (appropriately named) breaking through the sole (bottom) of his foot, as it rotates out of the cusp holding it and breaks through the rotting wall around it.

The vet has no idea how he foundered, I am thinking it has to do with his thyroid issues though the vet isn't thinking along the same lines, and I have a line into some literature from UC Davis that will support my theory. Worse case scenario, we didn't catch it in time and Racer could go permanently lame, or even die, or on a brighter note, I am such a careful caretaker that I caught this plenty early and he will be on a long road to recovery, but he will recover.

Right now he is on bute therapy and we are waiting to see how he does. Come Monday there will be x-rays taken if he is not better, and he will be tested for cushigsoid disease. I was in the barn all night while he was in the pasture, because I had to keep an eye on him, coming into the house only long enough to refill on coffee and get warm. Although sleeping with the feral cats in the barn was quite an experience, I missed my warm bed and heating blanket.

Please those of you who really pray, add Racer to your list please. His light is dimming in his eyes and we had a long talk this morning. I told him I hate to see him in this pain, and I will do everything in my power to get him better, but he has to fight right along with me. He was a fighter once before when he was so sick several vets told me he would never be good again, and I know he can do this, but your help will sincerely be appreciated. If you don't see much of me on the boards, this is why. The only thing in my mind right now is this horse- he is my life! To give you some perspective on how he moves now, he rocks back on his heels and almost sits, reaches forward with his front leg, paws the air, places the foot down with utmost care, pivots his hips and lurches forward. It's not pretty compared to how he can move, for he lives up to his name.

Thank you all-
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The founder stance
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Poor Racer!! You know both of you are in my thoughts and I hope for a quick recovery for this noble steed.
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Poor Racer - he is indeed in my thoughts and sending you guys positive thoughts!
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poor horsey tons of vibes going your way.
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oh my Hissy i feel so sad for you and Racer, i really hope he gets better, i know horses can get better from this, i will for sure pray for him for sure! he is a beauty, he has to get better, is he in barn now, i know they usally put them in, sending good ole (((((VIBES)))))) your way..
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Sending major board magic to you and Racer!!!!
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Maryanne, your post brought tears to my eyes! I truly am praying that he makes a speed recovery. You're such a wonderful person to all of your animals & I'm sure Racer is thanking you for all that you do.

I will keep you both near my heart & sending lots of prayers and thoughts your way!
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Actually because his blood needs to circulate, he is out in the pasture with access to his stall. His buddy is with him now and he is a lot more comfortable out in the open then he is stalled. I never stall my guys if I can help it- even though the stalls are big enough for two horses to be in one, I still don't like to confine him. If he stands in one spot to long, his blood stops circulating but if he moves it helps the blood flow, plus he needs his feet in cold water and there are mudholes everywhere out there, as well as rain as God is being kind enough to hose his legs down for me today. Yesterday we were both in the creek while Mike poured icecubes in the water to make it colder to get heat off of Racer's legs. My neighbors must have thought I had lost it!
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I'm so sorry about this. When I was a child, I had a foundered pony. He wasn't severly foundered, but we had to watch his hooves because they would curl upward. So we had to keep him trimmed all of the time. Plus they put on special horse shoes for him: Kind of like corrective shoes, in humans.

I have Racer in my prayers. He's a beautiful and special boy.
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Racer will be in my prayers. I know how special a relationship one can develop with a horse from my own years of owning and caring for a horse. Give him a nose kiss from me and tell him how many folks are wishing health his way,
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I am so sorry M.A. to read that about your beautiful horse . I am sure you worry sick about him , I know I would . My heart is going out to you ((((((((HUGS)))))))) . I sure will keep you and Racer in my prayers
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I know how much you love your animals M.A. Best thoughts going out to both you and Racer. Hang in there.

((( hugs )))
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Many positive thoughts and prayers are on the way to you and Racer!
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Will pray for Racer to recover so he won't suffer anymore and for you Hissy (Mary Anne) for more strength to help him thru.
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Here I sit sniffing and blowing I have never had a horse, nor do I expect to, but have always had a soft spot for these lovely intelligent creatures. It breaks my heart to hear of Racer's trouble, and I hope he recovers well and as quickly as can be expected. I will indeed pray for him, and you, Hissy, as you encourage him to fight this thing.
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I went out to bute him for the evening, put hay in his manger and also under the tree, talked to him briefly about fighting this, and coaxed him out of the stall toward the tree and through the mud, and he moved with only a slight wobble!!!! Although I am cautiously optimistic about this sudden improvement, I am also guarded as to his condition, for he could relapse at any moment. But I have also started him on GSE in apple juice 3 times a day to kill any bacterial load in his gut.
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Wa Hoo!!
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Thats sad to hear Hissy. My neighbors had a horse who foundered, and I can imagine how you must feel.
I hope your horse gets better soon. You'll be in my prayers...

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I'm sorry to hear about Racer. He is a beautiful horse.
I will send some prayers and positive vibes his way!
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I hope Racer will be ok, Hissy What does it mean when a horse could be permanently lame Can he lay down to get some of the pressure off of his foot? Is that why in the picture, his leg is extended
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Hissy, I hope Racer recovers. You said he is a fighter, and he has you on his side. I will pray for both of you.

Tigger, Horses don't usually lay down. They sleep standing up, and spend most of the time on their feet, although they will lay down on rare occasions. I always thought that a horse laying down was really sick, almost fatally so. Horse experts, correct me if I'm wrong.
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That's too sad, and what a cool name for your horse! I really hope he gets better. At least you got to spend some time with the kitties!
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Depending on how the horse lays down, and how long, will depend on if it could be fatal or not. Laying prone with his head all the way flat has the potential of crushing his insides after so long down. Laying with his legs tucked underneath him (like he was just doing a minute ago when I checked him) is better. His head stays up. Horses need to have their head elevated in order to breath correctly. I made a pillow out of some straw and a tarp in case he wants to lay down all the way, at least his head will hit this pillow and stay elevated.

Louse his registered name is RaceTheMoon his barn name is Racer.
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Mary Anne, Racer is in my prayers. My sister has horses and I know how strong the bonds are between the horse and the person.
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Awww, Racer looks like such a sweetie. I'm so sorry he's feeling so poorly. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts.
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MA I am so sorry to hear about Racer The boys and I will keep him and you in our thoughts and prayers.
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How is Racer doing this morning? I have been praying for him.
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Today is not a good day in the neighborhood. He is wooden again and can barely move. Knowing that the stall ground (pea gravel) is doing worse for him but I can't scoop it out right now or his stall will flood (they have run in stalls) I asked him to move out for me a distance of about 40 feet. Moving was agony, I could see it in his eyes. I told him I know it hurts to move, but he needs to be out in the soft mud, where it will cushion his feet and make him a bit more comfortable. I didn't halter him or put a rope on him I just talked to him and told him how important this moving is. He finally moved off to the hay pile and began to eat.

I give him to God daily. I ask Him for guidance and ask Him to keep our bond close and not allow me to make foolish choices in the care of this magnificent beast. I am being innudated by horse experts who are telling me how they got their horses through this, or how their friends did. There is so much information coming at me right now, I want to make the wisest of choices for him. Out there with him, I am strong and patient and loving, and in the house I am a weeping fool. I hate seeing him in all this pain. He is my life and I can't imagine him not being in it. Horses can live for over 30 years- I have had him since he was 4 months old.
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