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Apathetic cat

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I'm writing on behalf of a friend, who has 6 cats. The latest addition has been living with her about half a year, and is the "problem child". He was born in 2000, is a rather small tuxedo (6 lbs.), and was an "indoor-outdoor" cat for about three years. His owner moved away, and abandoned him. My friend fed him, and then took him in. The 3 older cats now ignore him, and her 2 4-year-olds have accepted him. The problem is that he seems totally apathetic. He has been given a clean bill of health by various vets, and eats properly. He'll play with the two younger cats if they initiate it, but he refuses to go outside, and sleeps at least 20 hours a day. I know cats sleep a lot, but that seems rather extreme for a young cat. Our impression is that he is depressed. He does some grooming, but mostly it is his 4-year-old companions who groom him. He purrs if you pick him up and stroke him, but he never demands attention, which I find very uncatlike. My friend even consulted an "animal psychic", who said the cat was traumatized by being abandoned. Does anybody have any suggestions about how to help him?
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I know cats griev too . But I think something was over looked by that cat . I would go one more time to a differend vet to see what is going on . Maybe the vettech see this and can answer this one for you .
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He has been taken to two different vets and also to an animal hospital and given the complete works - no abnormal findings. I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile trying Bach's flower remedies? I suppose he could very well be grieving, which makes me so angry with his original owner - how could he just move away and leave his cat?
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How sad. I've seen cats grieve before - mine did when my oldest cat died.

I've had good luck with the flower remedies for other reasons (calming during a move, restoring household peace, etc.), so perhaps they would help his depression. Is Feliway available where you are? Perhaps that might help, too.

Setting regular household routines may help to make him feel more secure. I've also heard that blinking slowly while looking at a cat is like saying "I love you" - wonder if that might help too?

Hopefully with love & time his heart will heal. Poor little guy. I'm so glad your friends saved him.
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We can get Feliway here - that's a very good idea. Thank you!
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