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Sleeping too much?

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Hi all, I thought I'd ask this as I always get great advice from you guys.
My little boy, now 4 mths old, has changed his behaviour. He used to be over active and all over everything. Very crazy and fun. As of a week ago, he's really mellowed out. He sleeps most of the day, doesn't play much. My girl (adopted them together) was very skittish and scared and wouldn't play much, is now the crazy, active, outgoing one - again, as of a week ago. HIS eye tears a lot and has crusted a little. It's clear discharge though, which I believe is fine. I took them to the vet yesterday and asked about him and the vet dismissed it as just a new phase or whatever, and his teary eye as him still being sickly after being adopted. She said they'll be sickly every now and then for their first year cause of shelter illnesss but nothing alarming (they got over terrible URI's a month ago). She said it didn't look like he needed any antibiotics, he's get over it on his own. He eats and poops normal though. What could it be with their change of behaviours? My fiance went out of the country for 3 weeks a week ago - that's really been the only real change around here. They're not very close to him though, I feed and play with them much more than he, and they're always around me, not him.
I'm a little worried - he's sleeping like 22 hrs of the day by now! Any ideas?
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I don't know - 22 hours is awfully long for a kitten to sleep. Maybe you should consult another vet. Have the vet check for heart and thyroid problems.
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I think it is time to go to a other vet . The vet need to make some tests like blood test to see what is going on . Your cat sounds like it is sick to me and the tears in his eyes tell me something is going on . With 4 month of age , he should be bouncing of the walls and should be full of life . Please go asap to a vet . I know it is Saturday , but many vets have weekend's open or a emergency vet . Go now to save your baby .
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I've noticed that kittens tend to sleep more than normal when they are hitting a growth spurt. They last from a couple days to a week and they are not as active overall during that period. They will have times during the day that they are all out play then it's like you turn off their switch and they drop in their tracks to sleep. I have 6 kittens in the house right now and a few days sleepiness is the norm with them - they go fully back to normal after they are done growing (and you can see that they are bigger at the end of the period).

Have you had your kitten tested for various diseases (fecal and blood sample tests)? A visual exam doesn't tell what goes on within. At a minimum, if the kitten continues this sleeping for more than a week, get him in and have him fully tested.
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Thank you all for your responses. Well his eye still tears, and he's sneezing a little bit.... he was a tad bit more active yesterday, they play fought a little, and he wasn't asleep all day. BUT, Saturday night and Sunday morning, he had diarrhea. I didn't see any all of yesterday or this morning. I've called the vet and waiting for him to call me back (not the one I went to Friday, the other one that I usually go to and like).... I'll take him in this evening, I think he should have a blood test regardless. They had fecals done a few weeks ago, and results were negative for worms etc. I'll keep y'all posted on what the vet suggests.... my poor baby. But he looked better this morning. He's eating and drinking well, so that's a positive. Thanks again!
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I am glad you are going back to your vet . I hope they find what is wrong with him and hope nothing bad . Yes please , let us know how your baby is doing .
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Quick update - I took my little boy to the vet yesterday. He has an eye infection - I have an eyewash, ointment, and antibiotic for him. The vet said he diarrhea could just be part of him feeling sickly, or maybe something he licked up.... he said I should just watch his poop for a few days and if it persists, give him a call. I didn't find any diarrhea by lunch time today, so maybe that's getting better too... But anyway, this morning, he was much better! Looking good, looking happier, eating well, playing.... so thank you all for listening and giving your advice!
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I am happy to read that your baby is doing better now with the new meds
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