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Don't they have security camerss on the doors? If I were that lady's lawyer, I would get them and anyone they could recognize for sure would be prosecuted. People that would act like that, I bet at least some of them have criminal records already.
I wonder what kind of area this Wal-Mart is in? I used to go to one that was so rough, I would have them triple bag 6 cans of cat food for something to defend myself with, so many people got mugged and carjacked there. It works pretty well!
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Yes, there are security cameras on the doors & roughly 150+ other cameras located through out the store. I'm sure it was caught on tape especially if the item was located in Electronics. From what I've gathered from the article, it didn't happen at the front doors but it did happen where ever the DVD's were located. I don't know if they could prosecute just from the tape...it'd be pretty hard to show premeditation & etc. There are so many laws out there, it'd be awfully hard to arrest someone in that situation.

Sounds like you were in a ROUGH neighborhood! God I hope I'm never in a place like that!!!!
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I still maintain that the store is not at fault. And really, what are a few security people going to do versus a throng of overzealous customers? As has been stated, just about EVERY major retailer has these doorbuster specials on Black Friday. Hell, I don't even subscribe to the newspaper, and one was delivered to my doorstep on Thanksgiving morning so I would be aware of the morning sales and specials. I worked for Wal-Mart for 6 years. I never saw behavior like this out of customers, including the Saturday night a portion of our roof caved in during a storm, and the store proceeded to fill with water. My point is this: thousands of stores ran the same or similar specials that morning. To me, it's the same as the type of thing that happens every once in awhile at a concert or some such event.
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I think it comes down to the lady probably wasn't trampled. She probably fell to the floor and had her seizure. She was black and blue from falling and from being hit because of convultions. People are known to freakin bite off their tongues. I really doubt that there were people trampling her.

I could see if it was right by the door they could have been trampling her, but this is all the way in the back of the store. Maybe I'll go and investigate .
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It doesn't surprise me that this occurred, but I wonder why Walmart should have to shoulder the entire burden for this situation. If this woman was suffering from a pre-existing seizure disorder, then perhaps she should take care the types of activities she participates in. I am not saying she should stay home, but there are certain physical activities that she should not undertake.

Normally shopping would not be hazardous to even the most fragile person, but placing yourself in the middle of a potential riot situation is risky business.

I understand that Walmart will probably be sued on the premise they set up an unsafe situation and failed to rescue her quickly enough to prevent the injuries she sustained, but can someone tell me why Walmart should give her the DVD player for free?

What about the customers who trampled this woman? They should share in the liability for this incident whether it be a criminal or civil matter.
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Not that I am a lawyer, but that was my exact thought - did she have a seizure because she was down and stepped on, or did she have the seizure first? That was my inquiry about the matter.
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It was definitely the people that did it that were at fault, but unfortunately most people are going to blame Wal-Mart for having customers that act like idiots. I like to shop at Wal-Mart, but there are only certain times I will go. It would not have surprised me in the least if that had happened around here. It was just that unlucky store. That is why I wondered about the security cameras being able to positively identify anyone.
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It was the people who trampled the lady who were at fault, however, Walmart was at fault as well, for not providing a safe situation in which to shop. Also, this lady also shared the some of the blame herself, because I'm sure she was involved in the stampede to get to the DVD players as well.

I know Shell said Walmart doesn't hire security like that, but I think it would be a good idea if they spent the extra money on Security guards on "Black" Friday. It would be cheaper in the long run, than perhaps having to compensate this woman for her "pain and suffering", as well as her injuries. Also, another idea I have, is that they do a lottery thing outside before the people come in for the sale, and that is, if they only have 150 DVD players, then they should hand out 150 tickets to the first 150 people who are there for them, and that would avoid this mania, at least to some degree.
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That is just sad. I agree that the fault lies primarily with the stampeders, but Wal-Mart should at least try to exert some crowd control measures, knowing things like this will happen. I like Hope's idea - our city does that with playoff games & concert tickets to prevent stampedes.

Personally, I stay far away from sales like that. It's just not worth the headache, and I hate crowds.

Black Friday - too accurate. It's also known as International Buy Nothing Day, a protest against thoughtless consumerism.
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As a side note, it is called "Black Friday" because historically it was that day that would have such high sales and put the stores "back in the black" financially.

As sad as this situation is, I have to agree with Deb:

My point is this: thousands of stores ran the same or similar specials that morning. To me, it's the same as the type of thing that happens every once in awhile at a concert or some such event.
It happened at ONE store. Not ten, not hundreds. Why should Wal Mart or any other retailer completely re-think their security for one day because of an isolated incident where a prior medical condition could have contributed? I hate to say it, but financially it will be cheaper for them to settle with this woman and one or two each year than it would be to hire security for every store for every year.
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Originally posted by valanhb
As a side note, it is called "Black Friday" because historically it was that day that would have such high sales and put the stores "back in the black" financially.

I just figured it was because it's a day where so many people forget the Christmas spirit and behave like crazed, grabby monsters.

I wonder how much it would cost Wal-Mart to equip their employees with Tazers to subdue the overzealous shoppers?
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Tess, I like the Taser idea but, cattle prods would probably be more appropriate

Here, that sale ran from 6-11 a.m. It seems that some crowd control would be in order, though. I saw a story on the news, wherein a bunch of women got into a hair-pulling fight, at a "Toys R Us" in Bossier City LA. Personally, if I had been THAT store manager, I'd have thrown them off of the property and banned them from the store, for at least a year.

K-B Toys, at Tucson Mall opened up at 5:00 a.m. on Friday. They made people line up and only allowed 15 at a time, in the store. It is a small store and this allowed room to move around AND for the employees to keep an eye out for thieves. This is not practical for WalMart but they could have SOME kind of crowd control.
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Shell, another forum that I frequent was discussing this, and a user mentioned that Best Buy in his area hands out tickets at the door and reserves the hot sale items on a first come first served basis until they're ready to checkout, but the customer must checkout within 1 hour, or the item goes back in the "pool". It might make the people a little more managable, especially if the tickets are handed out by burly men.
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I'd think it would make sense for stores like Walmart that are having tremendous sales on a day they KNOW will draw a huge crowd, to have some security in place for crowd control. This may have been an isolated incident, but theres always a chance for something like this to happen in a situation where people are going to be 'frenzied'. Thats simply planning ahead- since it IS their responsibility to provide a safe shopping atmosphere for their customers. If it were me it happened to, I'd definitely sue.
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I have been doing Black Friday sales for the past 5 yrs. Last year we went to Walmart for the first time. It was SCARY. People were pushing and fighting and a fist fight broke out even before the doors opened. Walmarts in NJ hire local police to keep the peace outside.

This is not the first time someone was trampled at Walmart. Last year 3 people were trampled across the country over a 27" TV for $150. At the Walmart I was at there were people draped over 4 tvs so no one else would take them.

I've been to Toys R Us 3 yrs in a row. What a difference! People walked in orderly, no fights, I even had a woman hand me a toy from her cart since she had 2 and they were sold out.

I have been warned that I would be divorced if we tried Walmart again.

ps...I heard on the news that Walmart gave that poor woman in Florida a top of the line DVD AND a TV, in addition to covering her medical expenses
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I feel sorry for the poor lady. Even if it wasn't Walmarts fault they should give her a free DVD player. Sheesh.
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