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Saturday Daily Thread

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ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! its snowing!

Its so cold and I don't want to move but I have to go and make sure the landlord's dogs have food, they are coming back tonight from their holiday in Cozumel. Lucky buggers.

Hope everyone is staying warm!
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I am not having a good day...
There is this Christmas thing tonight with my s/o work, and I feel fat and ugly It is true that I am fat and always getting fatter , I'm not sure I can fit into the clothes I bought for my Grannys funeral a month ago...and it is cold outside, which makes my face go red and itchy...
I have a kitchenfull of dirty dishes, I need to wash nappys...
OMG I better tidy up a bit and then go take a walk when my son wakes up from his nap - even thought it is dark and cold...and then I will have something good to eat at that Christmas thing, and some white wine.
Sorry for beeing so boring!
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I know how you feel! I have put on some weight since summer and we went out for supper last night with family (my brother had some gift certificates for this nice restaurant) and my pants felt so tight around the waist and I just felt so fat. I am going on a huge diet after the holidays.

Today I am just being bored and not doing much.
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Oh I get the red and itchy bit too sometimes, even hives if I get too cold..fortunately, it doesn't get as cold here in my area of the Pacific NW as it does in my home area of NY state (I remember 25 below before the wind chill!).

We are off to the v-e-t to get Patrick's weight checked, then fun at petsmart buying litter and critter crunch (we feed squirrels and birds) and suet w/nuts or berries (a favorite for the red flickers who grace my backyard often).

My one year of changing how I eat is coming up end of February, I had a 3 1/2 lb. swing up after Thanksgiving day (salty foods do that to me every time, and I so love olives and proscuitto!), but 1 lb. is back off as of this morning, and I'll just keep pushing the water.

Wherever you are at with your weight, it hasn't a thing to do with your heart and soul, put on your comfiest, prettiest things and go enjoy good food and good times with the ones you love - warmth, happieness, smiles...are contagious
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Busy day here! I took Tiki to the Vet this morning & now I'm cleaning like crazy! I'm just taking a quick break right now!

This apartment is nasty!!!! I haven't had time to clean at all this week & of course, I got a phone call from a guy I'm sort of seeing telling me that he'll be in town this afternoon. Great...now I've gotta clean in fast motion! I'd be embarrassed as heck if he walked in here seeing this place like this!

The day is beautiful here! I've got my windows open & letting the fresh air flow through this place. Gotta love that!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend & chat with ya'll later!
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i had to go back to work on sat... work all the way till three in the afternoon.. there goes my sat... it's raining over here and everything seems gloomy and all... met up with my friends for dinner and had some really good food... well.. at least that was something worth smiling for... have a great weekend!
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I guess y'all don't want to hear about our 75 and sunny day, here.

Bill and I went to the flea market, this morning. Neither of us found what we were looking for but, we had some nice goof-off time.

Yesterday, we hung the outside lights and they look pretty good. Next weekend: carpet shampooing. Bill bought a shampooer, after I threatened to rent one and do it myself. He doesn't want me to hurt myself, moving furniture and I insist on having clean carpet for Christmas.

Tomorrow, we will have to brave WalMart. We are almost out of dog food and I want to buy some outfits, for the twins. Sometime between now and Christmas, I have to sneak out to KMart. They have a beautiful Crown Royal gift pack, with etched crystal glasses, at a good price. Bill likes a nip, now and then and won't buy it for himself.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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