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Toby's first Mom

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Bernice is 70something.

Got Toby when her son found him at the side of the road 2 months old. At her age she had him totally declawed (OW!) so he wouldn't scratch her. (He doesn't seem to mind and doesn't have trouble jumping, but sometimes he slides off the couch/chair). Over a week ago he accidently bit her. It got infected and her doc said he'd have to go. On the phone she was crying and said her son cried. When we hung up making plans to meet today, she was smiling. Can't wait to tell her of his adventures with Smoky.:laughing:

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Oh Nancy!!!!!!! You are an absolute to take Toby and care for him, since she couldn't anymore!!!! Let us kow how it goes with him!!!
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Thanks Debby,
this may be kinda long...
Unknown desire a week ago to go to local shelter to volunteer (I did and walk dogs 2 days a week before their dinner). After talking about volunteer I asked to see cats. They had two rooms and mostly kitten or moms with kittens. In the center of the first cage was a big white&orange guy with sad eyes. All he had was a card with a date, was told that was when he was dropped off, and tried to bite the person feeding him. I said I wanted him anyway. I was given a phone number cause he had more stuff. That's when I talked to Bernice and learned he only spent the weekend there.

He spent the first day under the bed. He came out and played with my 2yr old niece. Salem tolerates him. Smoky loves him and he lets her play with him. They take turns chasing each other thru the house. He's gotten into a bit of trouble. He likes to jump on the counters, something Salem has never done, and Smoky is still too small to jump that high.

They have food upstairs and down, but he still chewed a hole in the dogfood bag and has it scattered all over the floor in the storage room. He EATS it too. Tonight he let me take his picture. Will try to learn how to put them here from WebTV. (Still new and trying to learn).

He has made himself loved here already and Bernice&son are happy knowing he was adopted by a loving family (purrsons and kitties).
Thanks, Nancy
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Oh Nancy!!! Like I said....you are an
I am so glad you took him into your home to love!!
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Met Bernice and got Toby's records and toys. Smoky sniffed them and backed away. I sprinkled the "ball tray thing" with dried catnip. Salem even got up and scratched it. Now Smoky is going crazy with it. It's on the carpet to keep in one place and Toby lays on the floor watching her. He scratches it too when Smoky leaves it. I'm sure Toby likes having his things here, specially his own, old litterbox.

They're all happy now

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I Love a kitty story with a "Happy Ending" I will simply echo what Debby said, You are an of the 1st Degree!!!! I hope your "family" has many happy years together!!!!!!!
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Thanks, love happing endings too. We're one happy family. Toby's 1st mom told me she had trouble sleeping until I called her. So now she's extended famiily and happy too.

happing endings for all

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