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looking for the name of a country music band

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Some time ago, a band which I think was three women who sang very well released a song that I loved. The video had something to do with a bath overflowing in a house and water getting everywhere, however, it was an excellent song and am looking for the name of the band or song. Anyone any idea - it was in the last 18 months. The video was great but purely from a male persepctive, however, its the song am after.
Would appreciate any help.
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Kev, I am not familiar with the video, but when you say country music, and three women, the first band I think of is the Dixie Chicks.
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am sure its not them - the girls were new to the scene and was their first single.

Thanx anyway

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Kev, try this site here
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There's also SheDaisy and Sixpence None the Richer.
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I'm betting the band was SheDaisey. I love them! My favorite song of theirs was Little Goodbyes. It really cracked me up! There was a part in there that said "Left the litter but I took the cat". I guess you'd have to hear the song to get the humor of it all.

Hope that helps Kev!
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I'm betting it's SheDaisy too. Their lyrics are a riot!
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I was going to say Dixie Chicks at first too. It probably is SheDaisy. Let us know if you find out! Good to see you back!
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am about 99% sure its not shedaisy although I have to be honest - the women look great on the www!!! They are from the US - stunning to look at and it was a great song....not doing very well here am I?
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SheDaisy is from Utah!
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Hmmm...could it be the Kinleys? I haven't heard any recent songs from them in the past year so I'm doubting that it is them. I do love their music the song Just Between You & Me. My bud Amy & I sing that at Karaoke all the time. Doesn't quite sounds like them, but it's not too bad!
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I've never heard of SheDaisy. I'm not too familiar with Country Music. However, I did see a Video by the Dixie Chicks on one of my DVD's movies, that looked similar to what you are saying. In the end it had them getting married by a swimming pool or something. I only saw the video once, because I can't stand the sound of Country music, except for Shania Twain.
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Kev, I posted your post on CMT's (country music television) message board. Hopefully someone will get back to me.

Just thought I'd let you know!
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Do you have any idea of how the song goes??

I know some of the music,but I'm not too familiar with videos.
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I got a couple replies from that message board. They all seem to think it's either the Dixie Chicks or SheDaisey. But one person thought that it could be Faith Hill's video called Cry.

Here's a link to where you can watch the video. I just watched it & it does have a few scenes of a bath tub running over.

Yahoo Launch

Hope that helps you!
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That does sound like Faith Hill's video "Cry". By the way that video is shown, it could look like there are three women singing it. There is also a bathtub overflowing and water everywhere.

This is the chorus:
"Could you cry a little, lie just a little, pretend that you're feeling a little more pain. I gave now I'm wanting something in return. So cry just a little for me."

Does that sound like the song you're looking for?
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Hi there - I have to admit I am snookered - the video of Faith hill is incredible and even though, I cant swear to it - I think its the one...
My grateful thanks to you all.
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You're very welcome Kev!
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