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Life On Other Planets?

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Just wondering... do you think there is intelligent life on other planets somewhere in the universe...or are we all alone?
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I most definitely believe in life elsewhere in the universe.

Funny, just yesterday, I read a quote on a 'daily quote' calendar for 2004 that said, "The most positive proof of intelligent life on other planets is that they haven't bothered to try and contact us yet."
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Thanks for your reply Deb!
Here's a link to the Seti@Home website Seti uses the Hubble Telescope to search for signs of intelligent life. Anyone who is interested can go to their website and download a special screen saver that enables your computer to analyze radio telescope data. Analyzing these radio signals won't interfere with using your computer for other things.

When this program was first started several years ago, my son got really interested and downloaded the screen saver on both of our computers. We did use our computers to analyze radio signals for several months, however we no longer do this.
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I think there is life on other planets - it is selfish of humans to think that we are the only ones out there.
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I agree. Even if you believe solely in creationism, it seems silly that God would create the ENTIRE universe only to populate one tiny planet.
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I think there is too..
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Im not 100% sure about what I think. Statistically I suppose it would be almost impossible that there is no other intelligent life in the entire universe.

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I agree. I think it's silly to think we've got the exclusive rights to Life.
post #9 of 21 does this interface with the evolution thread???

I think there are life-forms on other planets. They could be more evolved or less evolved than humans. They may also not be the same
as we are in terms of biochemistry i.e. they may breath nitrogen not oxygen, although with the size of the universe, I guess the same variables could occur to produce a being like earthlings.

Regretfully, if there is life on other planets, I think they'll find us before we find them. The exploration of space was such a glorious notion when JFK was president. The desire to pursue a form of discovery without an immediate payoff (other than knowledge) seems to be at a low point these days.
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Originally posted by Lucia
The desire to pursue a form of discovery without an immediate payoff (other than knowledge) seems to be at a low point these days.
Ain't that the truth, and ain't it a sad one.
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I am still only a Trekker. I have a life so I have not yet obtained the status of Trekkie. Yes, there is life outside out Eart h. Check out the size of the Universe. It is hugh.

Are we ready to meet them?

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Life in other planets? Of course there is. Intelligent? You mean like us? Hopefully not. Who says we are "intelligent" anyway? Look at the mess we did to our own planet since we became "intelligent".
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Let me know when you find intelligent life on this planet...
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I think its beyond arrogant to think that we're it in this universe. It doesn't make any sense at all. Although it may be nice and comforting to think we're the Masters of the Universe, I just don't think its so.
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There absolutely life on other planets - I hate to say but we not that special!!
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Yes I think there is life on other planets! Why not?? lol we don't know if we have the only 'sun' in the universe. The sun isn't the center, ya know. It probably rotating around something too, we just dont know it!
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Originally posted by yayi
Life in other planets? Of course there is. Intelligent? You mean like us? Hopefully not. Who says we are "intelligent" anyway? Look at the mess we did to our own planet since we became "intelligent".
Couldn't agree more!!
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There is almost certainly life other than here on earth. How advanced it is remains to be seen.

From a scientific standpoint:

Complex organic molecules appear to be common. Just in the local solar system, moons of Jupiter and Saturn have these in abundance. So far all that have been discovered are carbon based molecules. While silicon based molecules are technically possible, they don't appear to form spontaneously as carbon based ones do in the right situations. Also, silicon is far less abundant than carbon in the universe as a whole. (Carbon is produced in large quantities in the hearts of massive stars then distributed when these stars die and go supernova.) For proper interaction of the molecules it's necessary to have a liquid suspension. Liquid methane is very common and can exist in the cold temperatures that are common in most of space, but water is actually one of the most common molecules, though it's restricted to a very limited temperature range as a liquid. Through necessity and sheer availability it is likely that most life is carbon based and in an environment where liquid water is in generous quantities.

As far as intelligence, it has evolved independently several times even among the currently existing animals here on earth (and who knows how intelligent some of the extinct species might have been.) One of the most significant evolutionary steps in the determination of the way life looks on earth is the development of the tetrapods (four limbed animals.) All land dwelling vertebrates (amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and even dinosaurs) are tetrapods. Just among the mammals you have primates, dogs and bears, elephants, and whales as highly intelligent animals with dramatically different evolutionary paths. Among the non-tetrapods the octopi are probably the most intelligent, and some species appear as smart as some monkeys. So there is a high probability of independent development of intelligence anywhere there is life.

From a religions (OK, Christian) standpoint:

At one point it was considered heresy to claim the earth was not the center of the universe. The problem with this logic is that it seemed to elevate man to not just the most important thing in the universe, but also to claim that man was more important than God. A more appropriate claim would be that God was the center of the universe with everything revolving around Him. With this is mind, it would be extremely arrogant to assume that God was incapable or unwilling of creating intelligent life other than that which is here. Are we alone in the universe? No, God is here. Is there other intelligent life? That is His choice to make, not ours.

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While so many people are absolutely sure that their must be intelligent life on other planets based on simple math relating to the sheer vastness of the universe and our minuscule existence, I think it's just as mathematically possible that there isn't any. I don't think that it's so heavily weighted towards a "Yes." On top of that, I'm not convinced that aliens have ever visited earth in 99.999% of the rediculous claims, conspiracy theories and purported "evidence" of aliens from outer space. We get fed so much garbage from optimistic wackos, money makers and pseudo-scientists that we may never know the truth in our lifetime either.
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I fully believe that life exists in other places in the Universe besides Earth. I think humans have a very species-centric view of life. There is an argument whether viruses are alive or not, but by the widest definitions of life I think they are.

I think the question is is there intelligent (i.e. human-like) life in the universe. Humans as a whole have a hard time admitting other Earth species (like apes, whales, even cats) are intelligent. I feel there is intelligent life out there. But I don't believe we've been visited by aliens on UFOs. Sorry to say, we're a "normal" planet revolving around a "normal" sun. We've been emitting radio waves for a very short time-not enough time for other sentient species to have discovered us.
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Intelligent life on other planets, definitely. My favorite saying about this subject is "You don't think we're interesting enough to keep God amused 24/7 do you??" Whether we will ever meet do we know they aren't here already? Whether they look like us is another story. Remember, outside of this planet, WE'RE the aliens.
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