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Inappropriate pooping

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I debated with myself about whether to post in this forum or in behaviour...if I guessed wrong, by all means move it...

My stepson is wondering what's up with his cat.

Zhugov is 4 or 5 years old, generally healthy as a horse, eats well, goes out, but doesn't wander, etc. Until about 4 months ago, they lived in an exceedingly small basement suite, and Rob left a window open for Zhu to come and go.

About 4 months ago, Rob and Zhu moved upstairs in the house to larger quarters which they share with another guy. Mike isn't demonstrative, but he and Zhu get along. He doesn't care for having a window open, though, so Zhu has lost his freedom of movement.

That's the background. What Rob is concerned about is that Zhu has begun breaking litter training. The litter box has never been a problem before, but since the move (or at least it seems coincident with the move) there have been incidents of inappropriate pooping. At first it was very infrequent -- one a month maybe -- but the last few weeks it has escalated. Rob keeps the box clean, so it isn't likely a statement about that. The location of the inappropriate pooping varies -- could be the bed, could be the closet, could be...you name it. The poop appears normal.

I asked Rob if there are any other signs of distress. Zhu is eating normally, and generally seems OK, except that on occasion Rob wonders if he's a little "blue" -- not really depressed, just ever so slightly less perky than usual.

I have done a search on "pooping outside the box" and got a large number of hits, with good information. I'll pass those links to him, and let him read for himself. I have already suggested to him that a trip to the vet would be in order, to make sure that there isn't a health issue, but thought I'd throw the question out to this community, in case anyone has further comment on the subject.

Please and thanks.
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Did you look here yet? Behavior Problems

I've seen it suggested before that pooping problems can be medical so it might be a good idea to consult your vet about that too. Good luck!
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I would recommend the vet as well. Change can stress a cat out and stress can cause illness
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