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Happy Holidays

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Now that the Holiday Season is "Officially" here. I'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays.
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Oh that is so cute!!!

I made one too

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Aww Hope that is so cute! Simba is awesome!
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aaawwww how cute . Happy holidays to all .
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That is so cute. Sicy, I love the pic of Zoey and Saki!
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Thanks to everyone, and Sicy your little Santa's are just adorable.
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Those are great Hope and Sicy I must admit that I had to jump on the bandwagon too Anywho here is a Merry Christmas from the boys and me

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Awwww they are adorable
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Sorry at it again Waiting for Santa
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Aww all these are great!!
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Simba looks so cute and innocent there. He's seriousely the cutest thing!
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OH and I forgot to add HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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Cool! Now I have some cute Christmas cat pics for my desktop!

Keep posting folks!
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Sam, I have to say that Simba is NOT as innocent as he looks.

Here's another little Simba Christmas Greeting for everyone!
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they are all to cute , you all doing a great job .
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Awww, really funny pics, all! Happy Holidays Hope, and everyone!
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wow those pics are awesome....well done.
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Happy Holidays Everyone
Love, Simba and Me!

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Christmas is here with Simba!
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Loubelia-My little guy's name is Simba as well. You have a beautiful Simba, by the way.
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Thanks Hope! Your Simba is a darling as well, and all the other "christmas" kitty pics on here are sweet as well
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Here's Saki with a Christmas jingle bell collar thing I put on him

And here's him trying desperately to get it off

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And Zoey

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oh Sicy how funny , that is to funny how Saki is trying to get rid of that thing LMAO . Great pictures every one I enjoy that thread .
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Haha-LMAO , Sicy! If I had put my "reindeer collar" on Nala or Faline, they would have been doing the same thing your Zaki is doing in the pics. I didn't even try to put the collar on my little Tiger, the collar would have been too loose on him and wouldn't have stayed on...
Simba is the most tolerant and laid back of the 4 in my 'house pride'
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ok i think roxy would kill me if he saw this but oh well

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I am sure Roxy would bite you if he would see that pic

Very cute pic of Roxy
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