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I want a digital camera - and I'm getting one!
I want a job to..
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A nice warm , fuzzy bathrobe and some fuzzy slippers to go with it I saw one in an Avon book with kitties on it, and matching kitty slippers- I hope I get those!!

I asked Santa for a water cooler and a couple DVDs, and I'm hoping to get Anne Rice and Dean Koontz's new books.
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someone else to cook Christmas Dinner!
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I would like a digital camera so I could share Max's pictures with all of you.

I don't really need anything for Christmas. I really enjoy watching people open the gifts I give them. Watching my sister, Kathleen, open the presents I buy her is the most enjoyment I get out of Christmas. She is the most fun to buy for. She is my only sibling and my closest friend/confidant.
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WOW! I love these responses. I know for sure I am getting what I want. But, the most important thing is: I get 9 days of vacation!! WOO HOO!!
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what do I want for xmas?
for me? personally nothing, I like to give to others and see their faces. weird I know I've always been that way.
for everyone else? everything they ask for and more...
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i want a good dress watch.... haven't got one anyway...
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I want all the homeless kitties to find homes.. and I want TAmme's kittie Tigger to come home.
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First, I agree with dougbug, all the soldiers home.
For me a man (someone to be there to tell when the cats or dogs do something funny. To rub my back when it hurts.)
On a serious note, for my house to sell and a decision on where to go then.
After that, all my family home together with no squables.

Happy Holidays everyone.
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I am still waiting for Santa to take my dumb ass son-in-law. I don't want him to leave anything!
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Grand cosmic wish: a better world

Probably impossible hope: DVD set of "Cupid" TV series of 1998 (Jeremy Piven, Paula Marshall, Jeffrey Sams), loaded with commentaries, unbroadcast footage, and behind-the-scenes material

Expensive limited edition wish: 75-pound Muhammad Ali "GOAT" book by Taschen

Kid-at-heart dreaming: 8 megapixel successor to Canon's 1D digital camera

Classic sentimental favorite: box set of Vincent van Gogh's letters

Realistic though not assured expectation: a quiet day, a solid day; wake up well, a satisfying meal, time with family and friends, in person or on the phone
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I just remembered what I would like for Christmas! Some nice velvet curtains! Really anything for my new home would be nice.
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All I would like is another great year for myself and my Kitties.
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