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What is the ONE thing that you....

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want for Christmas?

I want the 5th Season of Friends. That's all!
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a 4 bedroom house
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For the world : peace :flower:

For myself:
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For the marker to finally be placed on my Dad's grave That is the only thing that I want.
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I hope everyone gets what they want.

I want a lovely meal with family but for a gift I would like a lovely kitten... C'mon Holly giv's a good one.
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a job..
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Quality time with the cats and fiancee.

And perhaps time at the beach too.
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I want lots of and then I can go out and buy anything I want or need.
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Final Fantasy X-2
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Some nice thick velvet curtains, maybe a projector screen, a pillow for work and maybe a sleeping mask .
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feel better..

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Hmmm, I am thinking, world peace, good health for everyone, a new year filled with wonderful accomplishments.....

No, what I really want is a dvd player.
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Hubby and I aren't exchanging gifts this year...just getting for the kids, but if we WERE...I would love a bottle of White Diamonds cologne and one of the Boyd's Bears I collect. A dvd/vcr combo would be pretty great too! One of those cameras that let you take pics in different sizes would be nice too! OOPS, I guess that's more than one thing!

Of course if I could have anything at all that I wished for, it would be World peace and happiness for all, and also enough money in the bank to be able to stay home with Amber until she starts school instead of having to get another job. Actually I would also wish that the place I worked at for the past 14 years wasn't closing. I had many friends there who also lost their jobs. Also to see my parents, grandparents and Merlin again, even just for one day.
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A brand new honda accord. I don't want to wait till I graduate (in may).
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That cool purple electrical guitar I saw in Mundt Music!
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Peace and quiet. Not on earth, just for myself.

If I were to wish for things I know I won't get:

A new stove/oven
Money to pay off bills
Gift certificates to Petco
A car that works without major problems.
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Hmmm, I really don't have a Christmas list yet this year. Hubby usually gets me something nice though, last year I got sapphire earrings which are lovely.

I guess I'd love some new clothes, maybe some new kitchen stuff, and I did ask for a treadmill...we'll see if Santa was listening when I said that one.
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I don't get my hopes up - because I never get anything for Christmas or Hanukkah, so it's best if I don't want anything.

If I had the money, I'd buy myself a Russian Blue cat for the Holidays. So, I guess that's the one thing I really wish I could have.
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The one thing I want more than anything is for my Fiancee and I to finally have enough money saved up to get married and have a place to live....but since that wont happen in time for this Christmas...I've reaaaally wanted a digital camara since my only camara is a 110 I've had since 5th grade. Lyle said my present is over $100, but under $200 (I wanna kick his butt! We need that money to get a house!!). So either it's the camara I want or a CD player for my truck since it still only has the factory cassette (89 S-10). What else could it be??
Oh well...anyway. I hope everyone gets what they want this year!
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Custom log-style exhaust manifold mated to a IHI VF22 turbo for my Probe GT. I know its $1000+ but I sure would like it.
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Bill is getting me Photoshop and maybe some jewelry.

If money were no object and I could have anything, it would be a red, '59 Cadillac convertible.
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what i want the most is for ALL of our soldiers to come home from Iraq and let them people make peace for once, and want the middle east to come to peace intead of hate
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I just want our trip back to Chicago to visit Earl's family to go off smoothly. His family is.....interesting, to say the least. So I just hope that there isn't any major incidents with the family.

And of course, I really want the kitties to be OK while we are gone and while the kitty-sitter is taking care of them.
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The one thing I want is Rob's health to improve.

But if it's a materialistic item.....then I would LOVE the Canon Digital Rebel

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I would like for my husband to be healthy .

I would like to have a better car . I don't need a new car , just a car what don't break down and I can trust .
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1. a good job
2. a huge cat tree

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I will probably have to get it for myself 'cuz it costs a whole lot...but I really want a Bushmaster DCM rifle with EOTech sighting system. I love Christmas!
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Originally posted by caprice
want for Christmas?

I want the 5th Season of Friends. That's all!
You might be interested in this.
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A new great job somewhere in the southwest U.S.
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