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name of kitty in caption this?

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I was just thinking it would be nice to have the name of the kitty on caption this. It's probably as important or moreso than the person who submitted it to me bc that way I can put their name in the quote...

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Deb25 takes care of all of our Caption This issues, so please drop her a PM regarding this louse76.

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May be something to consider for future pictures, but as of right now, I am working off a bank of submitted photos that Anne has prepared for my use through the end of the year. It would be an awful lot of legwork to contact each member and ask about the name of the cat in the photo. It would involve contacting them with the original photo attached to the email so they could make an identification. Many times, the members don't even post regularly or have joined just to submit a photo.
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I am chiming in here to say that I agree with Deb, this would be an awful lot of work. Some of the photos come at my insistence that the person who originally submitted them for Meowhoo's photo contest, instead join us and submit it here. They never post other than maybe once. Some of the cats have no name, for example, if you asked me the name of the two cuties who are chasing the snakes- I would have to respond that I can't remember. They were rescues, I named them after tractors, but it was so long ago that they were found in an old barn full of tractors, I couldn't tell you what they were called. They quickly both went to the same home and have been living happily there. Your best bet would be IMO to just post under the winning photo and caption and ask for the owner to tell you what the name of the cat is.
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I was thinking that the inquiry came along the lines of wanting to know so she could use the cat's name in the caption. In the past, people have just used a geberic name like Fluffy if they wanted to use a cat's name in the caption.

Let's just say that Anne would have to provide me with a HUGE raise to do all of that detective work. (although, even 100 times zero is still zero, right Anne? )
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That makes sense about using a generic name. I also would definately not expect you to go back and find out the names, but I plan on being here (with Zero ) for a looooong time... long after those have been used up!!
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LOL Deb! That would be a huge raise indeed!
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Yes, I may need to hire a financial counselor for all of THAT wealth.
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