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HeHe.I think I've turned him into a cat lover.

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I just hung up with Mike a few minutes ago.I was in the bedroom with Suzie(the white kitty I took in for the lady going into assisted living)and I told him I wish I knew of a good home for her.He asked what happened to the place that she was originally supposed to go.I told him that the girl and I discussed it after I brought the cat here and I told her how she was,and we decided it probably wouldn't be a good situation for Suzie because she has 3 kids,2 dogs,and a cat and nowhere to keep her seperated.
He was like "yeah that's probably not a good place for her and honestly at the cats age I would rather you keep her than to put her in that stressful situation.
LOL.I just thought it was rather funny.He may fuss about the cats on occasion,but I know he loves them just about as much as I do.

Wanted to share this also.He told me this morning that he was trying to go to sleep last night and he kept hearing a funny noise so he got up and found 2 of the cats were on top of the fish tank batting at the chandelier(SP?)LOL.
It is on the table cause we didn't have anything else to sit it on and we never eat at it anyway.He just shook his head and laughed as he told me.

I think I have him converted.LOL.
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It sound like it . Man are funny , they never atmitt to that . Mine always denies loving the cats and here he is building the cats a cat enclosure
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sounds like hes hooked, my hubby was the same way, i had to pull out the ole tears to get to keep my 2 boys, but after about 2 wks. he loves them just as much as i do,, and now after 4 yrs. i know he does!!!! so yes they can be converted..
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Men are so funny.LOL.
The last 2 kittens that we ended up with,the female is HIS kitty.She STAYS on top of him.He will be laying on the couch playing on the laptop and she will jump right up and lay on his chest.He just lets her lay there and don't like to move and disturb her.LOL.It's so funny.
Her bro is my baby though.He thinks he HAS to lay across my shoulder whenever I'm eating,trying to do homework,or whatever.LOL.
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