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Found out father's neighbor 'trapping' cats

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WHAT A SCUMBAG!! This guy bragged to the wrong person. It turns out that this guy (living accross the street from my dad, except the back of his house faces the front of my dad's, and there is a large fence) told a friend of my father's that he had been trapping cats in the neighborhood. My father had three cats that all turned up missing within a short period of time. I just hope they were taken to the local shelter!

This isn't the first idiotic thing this guy has done. He called the cops on my dad and everyone for lighting fireworks ON THE FOURTH OF JULY!! There were other things too, that I don't remember at the moment that he has done to my dad. I know one other thing he has been doing though... Well he got in trouble for putting out his trash early and also putting out things that the trash men don't take. So now he has started coming over on our street through a gate in the fence. He then leaves his garbage on OUR STREET!

Well this time, while I was down for thanksgiving, he left a large stump of a plant that had been taken out of a pot on our street. Well I have been tired of all of his crap, so my brother and I got together and lifted it over the fence! HAhAhAha!! Well he came out, and I told him that I know of the things he has done etc etc etc. He was low enough to even call my dad a drunk!!! My dad doesn't even drink anymore, and it's been quite a while!! It turns out that after he called the cops on my dad, he came over and half-assed apologized saying that he was sorry and that HE WAS drunk that night!

The guy said that the town of Jupiter was going to come and pick the thing up for him, and that it was supposedly too heavy for him to put out at the front of his yard. Well I almost felt bad, but then I learned that they had already came and that it was too heavy, so they said they were not taking it!!

Well the next step is to JB WELD the latch on his gate closed in the middle of the night!!! My father has someone that owes him a favor, and if he doesn't do it by Christmas, I'm going to be the one doing it myself!!

This guy is lucky I didn't punch him in the face!! I just may next time! What are they going to do... chase me accross the state? Well, I probably wouldn't do that, but I would spit in his face, and I will next time if there is a confrontation!
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The guy sounds like a real a$$. I know what neighbours like that can be like. I have no suggestions....keep the kittys inside!! Trapping cats is sick.
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what a butt and the rest I will not type here what I think of him . But I know how it feels like having a neighbour like that . Luckly that one butt we had as a neighbour moved away a few years back and nobody ever missed the around here .

But please don't spit at him , he may do something to you and hurt you . You can not trust people like that . My husband is a cop and has to go all the time on calls like fight and violance . Most of those problems started very simple and endet very bad like people are in hospital brutal beaten ect ect . So please don't do that for your own savety .
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man this guy takes the cake,,, good for you for telling hima thing or two, but becareful he doesnt hurt you, if he traps poor little kitties than he might hurt you, i wish people like this would jsut blow away in the wind...
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I'm not exactly worried about him hurting me. I'm 21, 6'1" ~235lbs and well built. He's a fat ass old man at least over retirement age. Plus this is someone I would never have to see. I only am down there maybe three or so days a year.
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Has this neighbor explained why he is trapping cats? If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you ask your dad to distribute flyers to each house on his block and nearby streets warning cat owners? Something like:

"It has come to my attention that there is a neighbor trapping cats. 3 of my own cats have disappeared recently. To ensure the safekeeping of your cats, please be forewarned and keep your kitties inside. Otherwise you will run the risk of losing them."

It shouldn't have anyone's name on it cuz he'll risk all sorts of legal libel problems. But if he could just warn other pet owners so they won't face the heartbreak of losing a pet.

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Maui , that is a great idea
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also...you may want to ask your neighbors to have their cats "microchipped". Most shelters, vets etc. check over a cat for a microchip and will contact you if the cat is registered to you.

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Originally posted by Maui

Has this neighbor explained why he is trapping cats?
He completely denied everything. Even though the person he admitted it to worked as a partner with my dad for YEARS.

Also, libel is the last thing my dad would be worried about. It's all out WAR!
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