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omg take a look at this awful:(

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[Edit: The link to the infamous Bonsai Kitten site was removed by the Moderators so that we do not generate any more traffic to this site.]

i cannot believe these people have a website displaying this terrible cruel stuff..hoefully the link i osted works for yall.you know i wished i could do something so they could not do this stuff to these beautiful kittens..they r placeing these kittens in square jar like containers..an the thing is the kittens seem to be just fine an dandy an healthy no reason to do sucha thing.they r enjecting them with volume.muscle relaxants..anyways u would have to go to the site to see..this just angers me so much ps i could say this may not be for real but it sure looks real to me!
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It is a practical joke started by people with too much time on their hands. It is better not to visit the site as they are just doing it for the shock value. They are not actually doing anything to cats - please do not worry.
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Please don't add to this traffic on this website by looking it up and visiting it, that is what they want. It is a sick joke, it has been investigated by the FBI even. It is not true.
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first of all i was not really aware rather it was true r not..an i was just merely disgusted by it.but i won't do that anymore.i apoligize sincerely for posting such an outragious thing as this it was an honest mistake...an i wanted to know rather it was fake r not.becuz i was disgusted by it..anyways take care an goodnite
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It's not a problem at all! You aren't the first to post it with all sincerity, and you surely won't be the last. It is a sick site, and they make it very believable. They thrive on caring cat lovers who are outraged by their idea of a joke....
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also might i add i wasn't lookin this sorta thing up it was posted somewheres else...and again all i wanted was opinions..but i won't be posting anything else here again thanks...
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yes they obivously do,i just thought i guess it was stupid to think this.but i thought it could have been true.an maybe sense there are so many animal lovers here we coould find a way to stop these weirdoes..anyways again i guess i believe to easlily..i do know there r sickoes out there an if i can stop the cruelity i would...thanks again
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I've stumbled onto this site myself, even before reading this post. At first, I was shocked and disgusted. Then I told myself that it's probably not true, that's it's just for shock value (saying this to calm myself down). They even have a picture of a baby (supposedly) in a glass box as well. Hissy, I'm glad you mentioned that the FBI investigated this site. I feel a little bit better now! I am going to email the guy who owns the site where I found the Bonsai link and ask him to please remove the link because the site is gross and not even funny.
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Laurie, you are not the first one that thought this was real. There are a lot of "urban legends" out there. This one just happens to hit home pretty hard. I am all for a good joke, but some things like this are not a joke at all. I hate to think that this could actually put the stupid idea in someones head to try it. Lets just pray that some sick person never will.
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I've heard it's a hoax also. I would'nt even visit it out of curiosity because i know it would upset me, even though it's not a real kitten. It's just the thought?!.
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well i was never lookin outta curosity i actually believed it at first..but i am glad hissy mentioned it was investagated..sure relieves me..needless to say i have not been back to that stupid disgusting ridiculous site!!!!!!!!!!but if i think i can help a abused helpless animal i sure am gonna try..if its possible well i have said enough on this particular subject...hope everyone here has a terrific christmas.sassy
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