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outback steakhouse

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Last year, I received a gift certificate valued for $25.00 to the Outback. Is this enough to feed just two people, which will include a dinner and 2 drinks (not beer or anything, just soda)??
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From my experience it will be enough to feed one person and that will include a drink but no mixed drinks or beer.

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Yeah it will be enough to feed one person I love Outback...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Outback Steakhouse
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One person unless you're sharing the entree and appetizer (you HAVE to get an appetizer, they are the best!).
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I think its enough for one rather than 2.
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outback is a little "spendy", but i looooove their rack of lamb.
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I think me & hubby might go there tomorrow night sometime. I've been meaning to use the g.c but never got around to it. If it cant cover 2, atleast half of it will be free
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If I remember correctly, when hubby and I go it ends up being between $35-40, and that's with an appetizer and sodas. It's not too bad, and that GC will take a good portion off of the bill.
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Depends on what you get, but you'll probably have to supplement it.
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depends on what you order i always get prime rib yummy!!
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I love Outback! Used to have one by my house but they closed. It really was a bad location.
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I have never eaten there but would like to sometime, there's one in Des Moines but we don't get to Des Moines very often. Maybe when we go back for Amber's second eye Dr. apt we can try it. Sounds a little expensive though and right now we don't have much to spare, but maybe sometime. I have heard really good things about it but also heard you have to wait in line for 2 hours sometimes.
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LOL this thread has inspired me! I haven't been to an Outback in years, and now my boyfriend and I are going tonight! We had to check on their website for the nearest one as there isn't one in Monterey, but there IS one about 20 minutes away in another town. Yum, I can't wait!
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LOL! I eat at Outback pretty regularly. My best friend used to work for their home office here in Tampa, so for a few years we ate for 50% off.
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