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Friday Daily Thread....

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Wow. It's 10:11AM here my time and there's not even a daily thread started.

Well it's a absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning here, I had a nice lie in. Nanas coming later to look at my four six day old babies

Mums partner took in my Kodak easyshare CD to get it's scratches removed, so depending on how long that takes I will have baby kitty photos soon.

Might be going to the beach with friends this afternoon but I'm on catwatch(Holly is due to have babies) so it might wait.

How is everyone today??

Hope everyone is having a nice day. Hugs Sam.
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Hey all, pretty nice weather here, but its been a lousy day here for me. My clerk called in this morning, and when her mom came by to pick up her check we asked about her, her mom said she ws planning on calling us tonite after we got off work, so we're wondering just whats going on there. If she called in sick this morning so she could go shopping, I'm going to fire her a$$ so fast she'll think she has diarreah! She's already been walking a fine line for about the past six months or so, so that would be the last straw.Hope everyone else is having a good one !
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Pretty nice day here too, a little chilly right now, getting in the 30's as we speak. Decided today that we are getting Zack's dad a motorcycle for Christmas! Well, his mom is! This will be fun....
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