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'Fess up...Who's hitting the sales?

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I am not normally one to hit the day after Thanksgiving crack of dawn shopping frenzy, but Wal-Mart has a good deal on both a digital camera and a fiber optic Christmas tree. So, off I go at 6 a.m. to push and shove my way through the crowds. Anyone else joining this madness?
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A big fat no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not I, I have to go snooze (er, sit) at my desk on the off (very, very off) chance that someone calls (not one call on the day after Thanksgiving for 3 years running, according to the unlucky victims of years past). Not that I (lacking the requisite two "X" chromosomes) would be inclined to hit the insane crowds of the day after.
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Not like we have in years past, but we'll be going shopping a little bit. We did the 6:00 thing a couple years ago, and did get some good deals. Last year we seriously lacked the ambition to get up that early, so we went at about 9:00. I know with many of the "limited items" sales we would have seriously missed out, but at least at Best Buy last year we were still able to get all of the DVDs that we wanted which were on sale.

This year I'm pretty sure we'll hit Best Buy again, and Wal Mart since they have a pretty good deal on a luggage set. But it won't be at 6:00.
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As much as I hate it, I have to hit the sales tomorrow to get some christmas presents so I can send them as soon as possible so they can arrive in Kiwiland before christmas.
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I don't think I'm brave enough...
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I'll be checking out the online sales...far less hassle than struggling through traffic! and then crowds!
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Nope...tomorrow is International Buy Nothing Day.

Plus, I'm still attempting to get over leftover bronchitis from the flu. Bet people would give me more space when they hear me hack, though!
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shopping tomorrow is for the clinically insane! Or the brave... however you want to look at it! Especially the early morning sales.
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Not this time. I usually either have it done by Thanksgiving or I wait a few days after the mad rush of the 'after' Thanksgiving day sales.
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Not this year
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Not even into it this year- want to skip the entire season at this point.
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depends on how I feel at zero dark thirty tomorrow! I do have a bit more shopping to do.
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Wow. This sounds like alot of fun. I have never heard of the early morning sales things after thanksgiving over here. Have lots of fun shopping everyone.
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Usually I'm there waiting in some long line to get into a store but not this year, nothing in the sale papers was calling my name so I'm here looking around on the computer early this morning.
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Ok, you-less-than-brave souls. I am already back from the 6 a.m. frenzy. The line at Wal-Mart was clear down to the other end of the shopping center parking lot at 5:45 a.m.

This is not usually my thing, as I am about the Scroogiest person I know. But I got in, got my brand new digital camera for $99, and my 6 ft. fiber optic tree for $39.

I hit the check out by 6:20, have my tree set up, and took a couple of demo pics already.

Life is good.

Oh, and Catfur....there were p-l-e-n-t-y of Y chromosomes in attendance. They were the ones trying to figure out a way how to barter their way further up in the line.
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I normally do but since rich just switched jobs we don't have the money for it right now
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I cannot stand crowds. Hate standing in line. I am a pretty smart shopper, but no discount is worth that nightmare for me. When I was a kid, my mother used to take me to the big back to school clothing sales, and I would pass out. I think its lack of oxygen, or claustrophobia, but she would have to hustle me into the change rooms, and throw clothes at me, to try on as many as I could before i was unconscious on the floor. Try finding a colour that suits a green in the face teenager!
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I got up not to shop but to go to breakfast and omg what a dumb idea. We had to go to 3 restaurants before we found one without an hour wait then we had to wait an hour and a half for our food!! We went around 7 because we figured most people would still be shopping but apparantly not!

But as far as black friday shopping--I'd rather skip the deals than deal with the headache. Having crazy people steal items out of my shopping cart, grab stuff out of my hands, and the injuries from people gettng knocked over don't really get me into the christmas spirit.. People here are BRUTAL.
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Well, it's about 11am and we got back an hour takes us about 30 minutes to get to the mall (we are here in Sweeny at my in-laws, so we have to drive to the next town, Lake Jackson, for the mall). Zack's dad and I left this morning at 7 and we got Zack's christmas and birthday present...gas grill and air compressor. (Zack's birthday is Jan. 10 though) It was fun. Tried to get a couple of things, but the ad that I had was tomorrow morning and they apparently didn't care when I showed it to them and said it was in TODAY's paper. Guess, I have to get up again tomorrow morning and get my deals. Oh well. Looks like I will be laying around today doing nothing! (BTW, I love not having ANYthing to do this weekend!!) YIPPPIE!
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My parents left for Christmas shopping early this morning. I don't shop on the day after Thanksgiving. I know a girl who works at Wal-mart, and she says that every year people get in fights, and sometimes attack her! Then there are the people grabbing things away from you. If someone did that to me, I'd let them take it. I'm not going to starta fight over material things.
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Just got back from shopping, returning movies and the vet for worm pills. I am so glad that this is only one time a year! I did spend a lot less than I thought I would. Whew.
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ah poop, i totally forgot about the sales. i got off of work at 8 am so i totally could have hit some on the way home...
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I am not a shopper even on the best of days, so I definitely can't brave the crazy crowds today. Staying very put in the house until after the weekend

It's so entertaining reading everyone's shopping aftermath stories, please keep them coming! And the deals you're all getting are amazing.

Hissy *HUG*.
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I did it once a few years ago. I went to Mervyn's around 7:00am thinking it wouldnt be that bad ... I was wrong I went to Target last year to pick up a dvd for us, and they were packed.
I went to Walmart last night to pick up some desserts. The parking lot was packed, but the lines werent bad at all. Seemed like a lot of people were buying beer and stuff.
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Usually I avoid the stores like the plague.
Today my sister invited me to go have breakfast and then do a little in town shopping. It was quiet, relaxed, and extremely enjoyable. Sure beats going to the malls (or Walmart).

I even took advantage of a sale at a local clothing store and bought a pair of Union Bay jeans for a needy child. . . . regularly $40. . . . got them for $13! I am so happy
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I like my shopping to be relaxing and fun, not
pushing and shoving and madness lol

They have some pretty good sales a week or so before Christmas
so that's usually when I get my holiday shopping done.
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OMG You have no idea what I've been through today! As most of you know I work for Walmart & I have NEVER seen such a frenzy in my life! Our store never closes (except for Christmas day) & people were coming in the store at 2 this morning waiting for the sales. It's crazy...they sleep in the aisles & guard the items like they own it already.

I watched a pretty cool fight this morning at 6. We only had one pallet of Care Bear dolls & people were going nuts over them. Women were pulling each others hair & one gal walked away with scratches up her arm. All over a $10 carebear!

The rest of the day I was parked behind a desk filling out hundreds of rainchecks. My hand still hurts from them all & we stopped doing them at 11:30. After that, we organized all the rainchecks & then started calling other stores in our district to send them to our store. It was just the wildest day I've ever worked! I checked our sales for the day at 2pm & we had already sold $501,000! In my old store, we thought we were having an awesome day if we sold $80,000 on the day after Thanksgiving!
I just can't help but wonder if I made a good move with this Management gig or not!
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Originally posted by Shell

I watched a pretty cool fight this morning at 6. We only had one pallet of Care Bear dolls & people were going nuts over them. Women were pulling each others hair & one gal walked away with scratches up her arm. All over a $10 carebear!

I see they know what Christmas is all about
That's why I don't go shopping on the Day after
Thanksgiving, they act like they've lost their minds
and forgot they are adults.
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Sale, the dreaded four letter word...

I never shop at them. It's insane. People focussing all their willpower to obtain one possibly limited item.

I used to work in a large department store and can recall the mayhem. Only ever grown up in country towns, my first sales experience was enough to scare me away.

I love online shopping! No crowds, no queues and lotsa bargains everyday. That's what I like.
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