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aww just bragging

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i just wanted to say i never have i owned a cat i could bathe...my new kitty i have only had for two weeks..well i gave him a bath,an he did excellent..i was really amused..ok cal me weird i know people bathe their cats but this is a first for me..which means i can bathe him always now an save a little money on the groomers..we had took him to the groomers for his first bathe an she said he did well.that i oughta be able to bathe him myself..well i found out today..hehe
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Hi, sassypants!
Good to know your new kitty enjoyed his first bath. I have no problem with my 3 girls too. They cooperate but are very noisy (their version of singing in the shower?)
I just wanted to know how often will you bathe your kitty? You see, I only bathe mine when it is absolutely necessary. Too much bathing may damage their fur and affect their skin.
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I have never had a cat that I could not bathe.......but then again, I am a pet groomer. If I can't do it , it would be pretty embarrassing.
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hi jen, thats funny but very true...well i had to give him a bathe cuz he had played in the litter box an had some doo on his paws an hair,now don't get me wrong i keep thier litter box cleaned very well.but this one time friskie dicided to play..an got it in our bed an i just had to bathe him..also hes a long haired kitty..i only plan on batheing him at least once a month..becuz he does have longhair.i keep him brushed very well as well..of course if it does bother their skin ,then how often r not should i???any info is always nice.i have owned cats all my life of course i never had a long haired one though.so u never stop learning things about them..thanks in advance an also thanks for letting me know their skin can get irritated sassy
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