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How was everyones Thanksgiving day?

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I had to take Griff to the emergency vet today. Yesterday afternoon I noticed he was sneezing a bit and his eye looked a little runny so we went up to our vet and they must have closed at noon cause no one was there. I was hoping he wouldnt get any worse till tomorrow morning and we woke up this morning and his eye was so swollen and he was sneezing and looked so miserable and we tried the answering service at that the vets use and no one from our clinic was available today so we took him to the emergency vet. They gave him a shot for the swelling and an injection of antibiotics and some cefa drops also. He looks so awful, he is being very clingy and wants to be held but isnt eating much this evening. Hopefully he will feel better in the morning. Seems like every holiday one of mine gets sick. I sure hope this medication works! I'm taking him back in to my regular vet for her to take a look also. Please keep him in your thoughts and send good vibes for him to get better quickly!
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Oh, I hope Griff gets better soon!!

We had a very uneventful Thanksgiving, which was actually pretty nice. Made WAY too much food, but that is par for the course, and I'll only do this once this year since we will be visiting Earl's family for Christmas.

Trent decided he was thankful for me being home all day today, and was my little shadow all day long. We got in a lot of snuggles, too, so I was thankful for a kitty like him. :
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I am so sorry that your Griff is so sick . Yes that was to bad that your regular vet was not there . At least you got some meds for Griff , that poor baby . I sure will say a prayer for Griff

I guess my Thanksgiving were great . I backed my Turkey covered in foil over night on a low heat in the oven and it was done in the morning when I got up . So all I had to do was the rest of our meal and we ate at 1:00 and we are still all stuffed . This year we did not loock the cats in any room . We just got everything n the kitchen and ate out in the dinning room , so we did not had to worry over the food . After we were finished I was giving all the cats and dogs their feast So we are all stuffed now . Some cats were so full they could not eat any more , that was to funny watching them . After cleaning up , it was just a lazy day . I hope every body had a great day today .
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I had a good day. Until this morning I thought I was going to be spending it alone. But then one of my friends that was supposed to be out of town called and invited me over to eat with her family. And she knew I still didn't have my car so she drove 40miles to pick me up and then brought me back home tonight.

I didn't over eat and I'm glad for that! I'm always sorry when I eat too much. But I did bring a couple of plates of food home for tomorrow!
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Heard from a very old and dear friend today. We go back over 20 years. She has been absent from my life for awhile and I was worried about her, but she got in touch with me to let me know she has relocated and settled some issues in her life- divorced her scumbag husband. So it was a nice holiday for us to hear from her again.
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Hope you all had a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving, my husband and I shared a nice dinner with all the trimmings. Both of our families live back east, so it was just us and the five kitties.

Time to shop for Christmas!
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We just lounged around early, then decided to work for awhle this evening. We came home and ate, and had a lovely discussion about the things we are thankful for. Despite a littl financial problem this time of year, we figured out how truly blessed we are, and resolved to try to be more aware every day.
I am sorry poor little Griff is ill, I hope he is better soon.
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I spent a lovely day with my hubby, cats, Mom, brothers, and sister yesterday. My daughter decided not to show up with the children this year, but that is another story. Hope you all hade a wonderful Thanksgiving
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We had a very peaceful and joyous day yesterday. I actually got up at 6 and studied for a test in Psych, which I took an hour before lunch and made a 96!!!! One more to go and I am done!!!

We had so much food and it was very nice to be with my in-laws, sister-in-law and granny-in-law. The only thing missing was my sister-in-laws bf, which they broke up in October....kinda weird this year, but oh well! After dinner, I took a 3 hour nap!! Man, I was out like a light! I woke up at 5 and it was starting to get dark! I made all my phones call to my family members, and it broke my heart when I called my grandfather. It was his first Thanksgiving without my grandmother But, he had my mom, and aunts and cousins with him. I will be with them at Christmas, and I think that's when it will hit me the hardest. It was hard at first yesterday when I first sat down and ate...but I just thought to myself "she is here in my heart, and I have to remember that and be thankful for the days I had with her." Abby (my sis-in-law)and I made a beer run about 11pm and all of us sat up till 2 watching tv and even The O.C.!!! What a great thanksgiving! Two thumbs up!!
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I was just happy to come home and see that Zero was ok. Not sure why I was so worried about him!
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Poor Griff, sending many *get well soon* vibes.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, very relaxing. My turkey and all menu items came out great, so I was very pleased. My sister did join us, and we stuffed ourselves silly, topping off with very good (store bought) pumpkin pie and ice cream. Yummers. And leftovers, yay, no need to cook today.

The kitties were very good and behaved, except for Pixie who was consumed with curiousity and continually tried to get on the dining table to see what the deal was.

Then some friends dropped in afterwards, and we watched movies until 3am. DO NOT rent 'Down with Love' unless you really loved Doris Day, we had to stop watching after a half hour.
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*get better soon, Griff!*

I'm still stuffed. We just made do with what was around the kitchen (oven still doesn't work )- kind of played Pilgrim, and it turned out pretty well! We cooked some chicken & corn on the grill outside, fixed up a nice salad, cooked some stuffing on the stove top, and cooked sweet potatoes in the microwave. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... turned out nice.
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I worked all night, the morning of Thanksgiving. I came home, went to sleep and got up and went to my first Thanksgiving Dinner about 3pm, then went to the 2nd Thanksgiving Dinner about 6pm. The first dinner was excellent. The 2nd dinner wasn't quite as good, but I had a great time, just hanging out with my favorite people.
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Just an update on Griffin. He is still looking really bad, he is eating dry food, I have to sit there and kind of coax him to eat but he is eating. He wont touch wet food. I dont think he can smell anything. His nose is still dripping, its clear and his eye looks just awful. I'm taking him to his regular vet tomorrow. He has only had 2 doses of antibiotic, its Cefa-drops and its only once a day, hope it starts to work or maybe my vet will change meds or something tomorrow. I feel so awful for him, his eye looks so bad and its swollen up so much. Keep him in your thoughts.
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my day was real nice until i got this darn sinus headache, took some pills then i got all medicine head and went to bed for 4 hrs...... so i guess you could say it was pretty quite love to be with the family like that though.....
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sorry, i wanted to say this in my other thread, it sounds like your griffin got bit by a spider maybe, i hope he gets better soon!!!!
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Hope Griff starts to feel better!
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I hope Griffin will do better . I am glad that he ate something . Maybe your vet tomorrow will give him something better for medication what works faster .
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