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What happens when you...

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have a sharp knife,a lime, some tequila, a cat and too much time on your hands? Plus you have od'd on football?
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OMG! That is so cute!!!
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LMAO that is funny. That must be either a very big lime or a very small cat!
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That is the cutest funniest pic I've seen in a long time
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That is to funny M.A. and a great pic for caption this
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Awwww that is the cutest picture
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ummm...exactly HOW much tequila?? I bet you are not a popular mom for a bit.
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LOL A friend sent me this tonight! I don't know where she got it, but it is funny and that cat looks a bit ticked off!
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Looks like it's going the rounds -- I got it today from my niece -- good giggle -- though I doubt the cat would agree!
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LMAOROTF That is a good one, poor kitty doen't look very happy at all
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LMAO too! If looks could kill.........although that is mighty fine lime cutting
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only a chinchilla persian could pull a face like that! adorable!
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LMAO, That's too funny!!
Poor Kitty he looks a little mad lol
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I got sent that awhile back.. It has to be the cutest thing ever!
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Geez, that one really is hilarious!!! Now I'm inspired!!

I wonder if the limejuice is good for the cat's hair or aids against fleas or something...?
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I totally looks could kill...hhaha....such a funny pic though
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I got this in an e-mail and thought it was kind of cute. I hope it doesn't offend anyone though and if it does, I can remove it. The cat is not thrilled, but is obviously not being harmed, so I thought it was kind of cute.

What happens when you have
> 1) nothing to do
> 2) a sharp knife
> 3) a large lime
> 4) a patient cat
> 5) too much tequila
> 6) and it's football season?
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Aww poor kitty! Really, he looks cute though!
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That's so cute. Kitty looks so fed up.
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Mary Anne shared that a few days ago.. However I think it's the cutest thing! Only a persian could have a face that p*ssed off!
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Someone just told me that MaryAnne had posted the same thing here a few days ago...I didn't know that! I must have missed it! If someone knows which thread it was, I can merge them so there aren't two threads on it. Sorry.
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I think its cute. I got this in a email a while ago, and after reading the text first, I wasnt sure I wanted to see the pic, since this could be very cruel But luckily it was very funni and cute instead.
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HA! You beat me to it!
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Mary Anne's was in the fur picture section... Another thread has been created with this! Geez it's popular!
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Toni...I went ahead and deleted your other threads about this. Don't feel bad...I didn't realize it had already been posted somewhere else either. I'll go look and see if I can find MaryAnnes original one and merge them.
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Merged them! Sorry MA...didn't know you had already posted it!
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