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Best cleaners?

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I'm so ticked right now. I just came home from Thanksgiving dinner & found that my NEW couch has been peed on. I can almost guarantee that Tiki has done this since she had issues like this once before. I'll be calling tomorrow to find a vet that might see her on Saturday since I'll be at work at 5 in the morning. I haven't checked in to Vets since I moved in hopes that I wouldn't need to, but I'm betting she's got a bladder infection again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on great cleaners for couches? I'm just heartbroken that my new couch might be ruined. I know I need to get an enzyme based cleaner, but I'm not sure which kind is the best. Does anyone know if it'll discolor the fabric?

Thanks a million!
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Just checked my love seat too..yep, she nailed it also!

I thought I better take a look at her & see if there is something wrong on the outside. Looks like her peewee (for a lack of a better word) is swollen & the hole is reddened. The hole itself looks inflammed & bigger than before.

Does that sound like a bladder infection or something more serious? Either way, she's going to the Vet. I'm a little worried about finding a vet. I just don't know how to pick a vet out of the phone book. I guess I worry about picking a bad one. I'll ask around at work tomorrow & see if any of my coworkers recommend any vets.

Poor Tiki...I'm sure she hurts. Sometimes I wish that cats were able to tell us when something is wrong with out destroying things!
Thanks again!
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As far as cleaners, I've had the best luck with Nature's Miracle.

As far as Tiki, I'd say a vet visit is in store for you tomorrow.

Let us know how it goes!!!
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Thanks Sue! I'll check that one out!
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Outright is suppose to be VERY good. I also found a product called OUT (at Wal Mart) . After the enzyme has had time to work, a good cleaning with an extractor (like the little green clean machine) is also helpful.
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I was thinking about getting a Bissell Little Green Clean machine with TurboBrush. Does it work well on thick carpets and help get rid of the urine smell?
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I'm sorry and I hope your cat feels better soon! If you have to end up buying a new couch, I think it may be time for leather!
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I wouldnt buy leather furniture just because Tiki peed on your new furniture. We have leather furniture, and Tigger has peed on it a few times. It's not hard to get it out of the leather, but it's the fabric portion of the furniture that has been ruined. We have TRIED EVERYTHING to get the smell out, and it is still there. Maybe someone has some suggestions for me? I've even used my bissel portable with full strength Nature's Miracle and that hasnt helped. There is this site, but I am debating to try from or not
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The fabric is really weird. It's like a leather/suede. Luckily, it doesn't show stains at all but like Tigger said, it soaks up in the padding. I haven't checked out the Vets (I ended up working 12 hours today at work & by the time I got off, every place was closed). I'll be calling first thing in the morning. I'll be checking with the Vet on what kind of cleaner would be the best. I'll let you all know what they tell me in case if you're interested.

So far, no more pee anywhere. I did notice that she's going to the litter box more often, so I'm pretty sure she's got an infection going on. I've been spraying Feliway on the couches & the bed just in case. So far it must be working.

Thanks everyone!
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Do your covers unzip at all where you can pull the foam cushion part out at all? Mine were a pain in the butt to pull out and then squish back in. I even doused the foam part with oxy clean, and that didnt even really take the smell out.
How's Tikki tonight?
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I'm heading off for a vet visit for Tiki in a little bit. I did a little research on the net for Vet's in Lincoln. I was tickled pink when I found a all feline clinic! But when I called, they don't take new patients until the beginning of next year. But it's wonderful that there is a clinic that specilizes in just cats. I'll be checking them out next year!
I did find a clinic called Bethany Animal Clinic that is only a 10 blocks away. I surprised to hear that Tiki could be seen yet this morning! Hopefully she'll behave herself & it won't be a bad trip. She gets into a funk once in a while & nothing makes her happy!

As for how she's feeling, I can tell she feels pretty crummy. She's been sleeping a lot & hasn't moved off the bed in a couple hours. I'm sure she just feels bad & I hope that the Vet can fix her up like new!

I'll let you all know how it goes & wish us luck. I'm praying that this vet is wonderful & knows what they're doing. I worry so much about getting a bad vet...I've been there & don't EVER want to go through that again.
Thanks again!
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No my covers don't unzip at all. That's what is going to be the hard part of it! I'll be asking what kind of cleaner & etc to use. Hopefully what ever I get will work! I'll let you know!
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Got back from the Vet. They seems really great with animals & were excellent with Tiki even though she was completely pissed the whole time. They checked her bladder, but found that it was empty. So Monday morning when I get off work (I pull an overnighter!), I'm dropping her off so they can get a sample. Dr John was nice enough to give us some Clavamox to get started this weekend just as a precaution. I asked about cleaners & they said that both Natures Miracle and EliminOdor were excellent choices (the only ones they had there). They told me to try the EliminOdor first & if it doesn't work, bring it back & they'll give me some Natures Miracle. I just doused down one of the pillows to try it & the smell is completely gone. Now, I'm just waiting for it to dry & do the sniff test.

The office was pretty cool. They said since Tiki was a new patient, the office visit was free. The only thing I had to pay for was the med's & the EliminOdor. I was shocked! I was ready to fork out a good $50+! I'm sure it'll be that much & some next week. But that's ok...she's worth it!
I almost started to cry while I was there. A lady came in with her 17 year old cat & had to put her down. The woman was so upset & I so desperately wanted to give her a hug! But on a good note, a Saint Bernard was having puppies while I was there. She wasn't a happy camper at all! She torn down a mini blind in the room & destroyed it!
Needless to say, it was one very interesting Vet Visit! No wonder poor Tiki was freaking out!
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that vet that you found that treats cats only sounds neat. Im glad Tikki is ok Did they think it was a UTI? Minnie kept peeing on stuff, but the vet diagnosed hers as a behavioral.. she likes to pee on soft blankets.
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Since Tiki's been like this since I got her & almost every time I've brought her to the vet she's got a UTI. At first I thought it was behavioral & that she was doing it out of spite. But we found that she's prone to infections & that she's doing this because it hurts and she's trying to let me know something is wrong.

My new Vet wasn't sure about the UTI but that's why I'm going back with her on Monday for a sample. I was hoping that they could get one while I was there, but her bladder was empty. Once they do the tests, he'll tell me if it's really an infection. He thought it'd be best that I start her on med's just in case.

The only other thought of why she would have peed on my couches was that I changed to a covered litter box a few weeks ago. I hadn't had any problems when I first got it, but now I do.

Have you thought about taking her to another Vet or maybe trying another litter box? Just thought about your Minnie.
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No, I like the vets (its a small office with a few vets) that I take them to. I'll be the 1st to admit, I am not the best at scooping their litter out like I should. That's why I switched one box to clumping. I noticed after I did that, and put the blanket away when I dont use it, she stopped her behavior. I can see the vet's point, that had she had a UTI, she would have gotten sicker. She had that problem ever since we've had her. The vet said she is either one who likes the soft blanket, or is just a picky one.
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Just an FYI...I don't recommend the EliminOdor. It worked temporarily, but now the smell is back. I knew that she hadn't peed on it again since she was at the vet's office all day yesterday & Echo never gets on the couch anymore.
I bought some natures miracle & I'll give it a try tonight. Hopefully that'll do the trick!
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