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Pics of Muffy and babies

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Hi Everyone! I finally have some scanned pictures of Muffy and the little ones. Unfortunately, all the really recent ones are still on my camera, but these are neat anyway. I'm going to try to attach a few.

This first one is Muffy nursing all five babies. The kittens are about 4 weeks old.
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These are the two girls in the litter. The little white faced girl was trying to rest, but Blackie kept crawling all over her. They're 5 weeks old here.
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Chowing down on canned food! They're 5 weeks old here.
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We call this litte guy Grey Foot because he's the only one of the litter that is strictly grey and black tabby with almost no white (except a bit on his face). He has such neat spots on his belley. Here he's resting on my daughter's Santa pillow (yes, in July).
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This picture is the kitten we call Muffy Clone. He's practically an exact replica of Muffy. (Obviously these are all nicknames. )
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Here are all five babies venturing out of the closet. They are only 20 days old here, so they were pretty brave. Muffy was beside herself with worry.
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I suppose this should have been the first picture. Muffy's 5 days away from giving birth. It's the best shot I had of her tummy, but it's still not too good. She was modest and didn't want pictures taken! I think her tongue sticking out is cute.
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This is Puffy, the kitten we're keeping. Here he's only 20 days old, so it's hard to tell he's actually a puffy kitten.
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Dawn - these pics are absolutely beautiful! Muffy did a great job and seems like a good mama! Congratulations Gram!!!!!
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Dawn; Muffy's babies are so very cute. I looked at these pictures for a long time; they make me feel so good. It has been such a long time since we have had kittens in this house. . . . . . Thank you for sharing these. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite; they are all precious! I just love the energy they have.
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Ooooh I WANT ONE!!! Craig would kill me of course.. but they are sooooo very cute! Muffy does look like a good mother and they are all sooooo precious! What cuties!

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Dawn, that picture of them venturing out is classic! They are so cute!! I think I might be partial to Blackie, though! J/J But how do you decide which 1 is cutest?
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Oh soooooo cute!!! I just love the pic of them all munching on mummy!!! bless 'em..... (got any spare? )

They really are adorable kitties and all look so healthy and happy!! Good job on everyones part by the look of them!!

(oh dear, I really should get over this "smilie" obsession.....! :laughing: )

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Dawn!!! I the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing them with us!!!!! How cute!!!
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Muffy and her babies are so cute! I love kittens.
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Your photographs are wonderful! Muffy is to be commended on a job well done. I'm with Chloe, in that the "venturing out" image is priceless!


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