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Help With Climbing Kitty & Xmas Tree

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering....is there anything that can be sprayed or done -ANYTHING AT ALL to keep kitties away from a Christmas tree and climbing it?? Our youngest Blossom (9 months) is a terrible one for climbing and getting into all sorts of mischief and I know once we bring the tree out she is going to be in her element - especially as it will be her first Christmas tree!!!! The main concern is that she also likes to chew on things...everything and anything really! And therefore I am worried that she will go from a beautiful furr ball to a FIRE BALL if she chews on the lights for the tree!!!

Any advice at all guys would be appreciated.....


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Get out the old Christmas rope. nah just kiddin, i look foward to some real good answers on this one.
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Go to your local pet store and they do sell something that you spray along the base of the tree to keep the cats from climbing it. Of course, I can't remember the name, but I bought it last year because my husband threatened to string the cats up if he kept having to get them out of the tree! (And ours is artificial and they still wanted to climb it.)
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You can attach a swag hook to your ceiling over your tree. Using fishing line, wrap the top of the tree a few times, and attach the line to the swag hook, pulling and tying it tightly.

Keep the glass ornaments (if you have any) off the low hanging branches, don't use tinsel (very dangerous to cats) You can erect a small decorative fence around the tree- most craft stores have these and they are fun to put together. You can also spray the tree skirt with lemon scented air freshener. Or you can make a wooden platform that anchors the tree and if it gets climbed, it won't topple. There will be an article on line Dec 1st that addresses these issues.
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I put some tape on the underside of the lower branches, sticky side out. also I threw some plastic grocery bags underneath it too. make sure there is nothing tempting on the lower branches, ornaments or anything like that. as for chewing, look for bitter apple. or if you cant get that, try rubbing a LITTLE lemon, and if that doesnt work, dilute some hot sauce with water and apply where they like to chew.

Let the battle begin!
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I put up my tree yesterday, but beforehand, went to PETCO and picked up some Grannick's Bitter Apple spray. I sprayed the tree skirt and the lower branches of the tree. I have 2 cats, male (6 months) and female (14 months). So far, only sniffing then walking away with both cats.

The bottle says "for dogs" but the kid at the store told me it works for cats too. So far, he's right. He said if it didn't work, I could return it. It's non-toxic and non-flammable. I'm going to try it on some other "no-no" items as well.

Merry Christmas!
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