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Problem with Cat's Lower Lip

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My Mama Kitty and one of her kittens (6 months old) are having a problem with their lower lip. The lip is swollen, puffy, and looks similar to a cold sore on a human. You see it visibly when looking straight at the cat's face. I have two other kittens from the same litter and they do not have a problem. Both the mama and kitty developed the sympton at the same time.

I took both mama and kitty to the vet, and he said that it is something that happens, that it is genetic and there is nothing you can do for it. He also suggested using stainless bowls instead of plastic.

Their lower lips continue to look worse to me. They are very healthy otherwise (spayed, all shots, flea prevention, Science Diet).

Has anyone experienced this before, and if so, what can be done? Should I seek another vet's opinion?

Thank you so much in advance.
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Uh.. I would definately see another vet. That doesnt sound like anything genetic to me
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Has your vet ever said what it is ?
Did you see some black spots unter the gin ? If so , they may have agne . You could easy wash that with a moist warm wash cloth . But if it is not agne then I would go and get a 2nd opinion . My Snowbal has bad agne some times and since I keep it clean his lip don't swell any more .
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It could be a rodent ulcer, and I agree with finding another vet, just call it a second opinion, which is your right!
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The vet said that is was something like an enlarged folicle. Per your replys, I am definitely going to get a second opinion.

There are no black spots under the chin. I looked up the word agne and could not find it. I think that maybe you meant acne. From what I know, acne affects the chin and causes the cat to scratch it. This problem is strictly isolated to the lip.

Hopefully, a different vet can shine some light. I will mention the rodent ulcer. The mama kitty does go in and out; however, the kitty stays in full time.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
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I second a second opinion also.

Kuce had the problem similiar to that a few months ago were her lower lip was somewhat swollen-looking. It turned out to be a Rodent ulcer but a mild form of it. She was given a steroid injection and a low-allergen diet until it cleared up (She didn't have fleas. So far it hasn't come back.

Hope everything goes well and let us know how its going with the mama and baby.
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Yes I meant acne , I am sorry for the miss spelling
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