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very long purring

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I tired a search on the site about this but couldn't find any specifics. When my cat is relaxed and is on me there is a constant non stop purring going on. I was wondering if it is normal for a kitten to purr without breaks for a long period of time.
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As long your kitten eats and trink normal and you don't see any other sign of a illnes like fever ect .. I think then it is normal . Some cats are purr machine's some don't . You may have one who purrs a lot and that is good
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Kahu purrs for hours, if you touch him, he purrs. If you give him any kind of attention, he purrs. He just loves attention and it makes him so happy. He is a healthy cat.

Like Hedi said, as long as he is eating and drinking okay, and nothing seems to be wrong, then by all means enjoy it.

But if there is something wrong with him, ie, lethargy, not eating, drinking or anything like that, he could be purring to comfort himself.

But the way you describe him purring whenever he is sitting on you, then he is content and loves the warmth you are giving him.
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My cat starts purring when I look at her, in anticipation of being picked up. I hear her, sitting on my desk beside me, purring away. She has a very loud motor.
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My kitty Oreo has the loudest motor I have ever heard. As soon he even senses that I might start petting him, or playing with him, his motor starts up - and man is he loud!
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You guys are makin me want to go pick up the little terror He's cool but too, too active and always like to be around us when we are in. I dont understand it though when we are out of the appartment, we listen for a while quietly and there's no meowing, but when we are home and go into our room by ourselves he is meowing up a storm.
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My cat Simon is a a total love bug and he'll purr when it even looks like he's sleeping. As for why your kitten meows when you go into your room and not when you leave is just this. When you're gone, he knows it, so there is no use in meowing. When you lock him out of somewhere he KNOWS YOU'RE IN THERE!!! He wants to be with you. He might be missing something fun!
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One of my cats likes to purr when he is eating. You can hear it in between crunches, and it is the funniest thing!
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As long as he isn't showing any signs of illness than this 'loud purring' is perfectly normal.

Kuce is our current purring kitty - esp. when she has all the attention and while she eats too.
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