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Just when you can't take anymore....

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I've been having an incredibly bad week. With the cats being ill, exams over (where i thought i'd done really badly), money problems, things were going really badly. I even started to doubt whether i was cracked up to be a future dentist It got to a point where getting out of bed in the morning seemed the hardest thing on earth. Not because i'm lazy, simply because i was feeling too anxious, and was constantly worried about something.

The results came out today, but not before i had a few patients to see as well as a lecture. It got to a point where i was seriously considering ringing the patients to cancel (a VERY big no no in dental school)
After a lot of thought and some straight talking from some friends i decided to go ahead with the appointments, but i said to myself that straight after i would run off home before the results came out.
Well i had a very 'lonely' depressing journey home, to the point where even the rail tracks looked to be a much more welcoming place than facing the music of failing. Thankfully however i made it home safely.
As soon as i got through the door i got a text message from a fellow student saying I HAD PASSED..... with MERIT!!!!!!
I cannot even begin to describe how happy i feel right now. I was so completely and utterly convinced i would fail, to the point where i was trying to think of ways to get out of the situation i would have found myself in had i failed.....

I can absolutely say i'm jumping for joy, and suddenly all my other worries seem much smaller now. I don't normally post here about my private life, as i like to keep it that.... private. But i'm seriously so happy now i just had to share !!!!
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Congrats on passing a hard exam with merit!! Hmm I have heard it is very common for dental patients to cancel appointments, but not budding young dentists! LOL
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Thankyou Hissy, i'm just walking on air right now!

You're very right in saying patients frequently cancel appointments... but for a dental student to cancel one whooa..... well you can imagine how peeved off you'd be as a patient!!!
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Congratulations!!! That is indeed fantastic that you passed and with Merit even!
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Congratulations...here's to everything looking up for you
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That is wonderful news! Congrats & I hope things keep looking up for you!
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I'm so very happy to hear you passed! I know how awful it feels when you think life is about as bad as it can get, but really it never is as bad as we think and then something wonderful happens like you passing with merits! I am glad this happened for you!!!
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that is great that you passed I am one of those who 'frequently' cancel my dentist appointments. I havent been to the dentist since we've been married. Actually we were married in '97, and I went in 98. Im one of those who dont even bother to cancel, I just do a no show.
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Hey Congrats!!! That's really good news to hear in the morning!!
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Way to go!! Sounds to me as if you're entitled to that walk on air.
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awww, thank you all so much! Your kind words really mean alot to me! Thankyou again
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CONGRATS! I think you should reach around and give yourself a great big pat on the back That is quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud.
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