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In need of answers. (New kitten owner)

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How's everyone doing,

I am a new cat owner and I am having some problems. The cat is almost 5 months old and is a male. I dont really know the breed but if it helps it is black and white. It will not let my wife and I sleep alone at night. I close the door and it keeps meowing loudly outside the door. After a while of ignoring the cat i kinda feel sorry for it and let it in. Mind you I am not a very emotional person. When I let the cat in it jumps on the bed and attacks our feet because it thinks something is lurking under the sheets. Then it comes up to my head and TRIES to crawl on my head. I am aprehensive when it does these things because this is an animal that comes with 20 razor sharp weapons, not to mention it's teeth. Haven't had a good night sleep for 2 days. Please if any of you all have any suggestions on how I could get the cat to sleep in the cat bed, it would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. beware there are other issued I haven't gotten to yet
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Hey there, welcome to TCS- if you will surf the Behavior forum you will find a thread about this very issue in discussion right now. The cat is still a kitten, and what you describe are kitten issues really. They need to be with you (or another kitten) Any possibility you could adopt another one as a companion?
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Welcome to the site. Lots of play time before you go to bed should help. Kittens have a lot of energy and are very curious. As hissy stated, you may try getting a friend for your little boy to play with. There are many waiting in shelters that are looking for a good home.
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I belong to another forum, so I feel kinda dumb not searching the site for answers, but I was searching the web for answers for about 2 hours now and thats how I stumbled into this forum. I am thankful this forum is here. I can see why there are soo many users. Look foward to becoming part of this community aswell, with your permissions of course.

Thanks for the welcome by the way.
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Welcome to the site! I see you've already found a good thread in the Behavior Forum. Your kitten will settle down....eventually.
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You don't need anyone's permission to join us- we are glad to have you! Trust me I have 3 right now that regularly run the Indy 500 over the tops of us at night while we try to sleep. It's hard, but they do outgrow it after awhile. It just takes time!
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Welcome to this site , it is nice meeting you and your tuxedo kitten . We like picture of cats/kitten and would love to see some of your kitty . Try also to play very hard befor going to bed with your kitten . I have a 7 month old myself and know very well what you talking about . But having so many cats like I do , I have learnt to ignore that . There are many mornings when I wake up and my hands are scratch up and say yeah Lily were at it agagin
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Thank you all once again for the warm welcome. I am in the works of getting some pics of my kitten. He's a warrior. Just in the un-packing stage of my move so little time between work, kung fu and sleep, sweet sweet sleep.
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I need answers, I now own a kitten what do I feed it? How much space does he need? He keeps atacking my feet, how do I make him stop?
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Welcome to TCS!
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What age is this kitten? That has a lot to do with what to feed it. He attacks our feet because they move and he considers them fun. If you play blanket games with him (moving hands and feet under the blanket) stop now. Again it depends on what age this kitten is as to what his needs might be. I suggest you buy a great book called Complete Kitten Care by Amy Shojai- it would help you a great deal.
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Welcome vyrUS! Your signature is funny and very true!

Welcome too to rachelteofan! You will find lots of help here for you and your new kitten!
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Welcome to the site!

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Welcome to the world of those silly but adorable cats!

You will find many, many of us with similar stories in the Behavior forum as Hissy says, and you'll find some answers and suggestions, or just plain old sympathy for your particular issues.
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